42 x 30

For a long time I was embarrassed by my waist size. I thought that if people knew how big I was they would think differently of me or something. Obviously that makes little sense since just by looking at me you can see I’m a big dude (and I was much bigger not too long ago) so if someone were to think poorly of me due to my size they needn’t know my actual waist size.

Yesterday, after posting this tweet, I realized I am no longer embarrassed by my waist size. Sure, a 42 waist is still too big and I’m working on it. That said it is just a number that means the pants I buy will fit me. A little over a year ago that number was 50 (and those was a little snug on me) so, I think I’ve done a pretty good job.

An upside to now wearing a 42 is that I can pretty much walk into any store and buy a pair of pants, other than the Gap that is. You see, yesterday I had a khaki emergency. For many, many years the only pants that I wore were khakis, and so I figured I would have a pair of khakis to wear Friday evening without even checking my closet. Fast forward to Thursday night and to my horror I discovered that as my waistline dropped I had adopted jeans as my new pant of choice. I had one pair of khakis which weren’t the right color!

Which is why I found myself in the Gap looking at their pants after lunch on Friday. Now, the Gap.com sells pants in many extended sizes, so I thought there was a chance that the stores carried them as well. Sadly, it would seem that physical stores only stock pants up to a 38 (well, at least the one I was in). I did buy some cool socks though.

It all worked out though, since not being able to find pants in the Gap meant I went to Mac’ys and got some pants that are much nicer than anything the Gap sells (though they also cost twice as much).

The moral of the story? Always check your pants before you make plans.

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  1. I agree with Geof, you are an inspiration in many ways. Anyway I, too, wear khakis almost exclusively and the nicest ones I’ve found are Bill’s Khakis. Not that it matters anymore, but they are available in sizes up to 52.

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