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The Daily Scott: now a part of Blankbaby


Awhile ago I had the bright idea of posting a picture of myself everyday, and The Daily Scott was created. Sadly, it wasn't so daily but I think the idea is still sound. I announced that the Daily Scott was moving over here and now it is complete. The dailyscott category now contains all the posts (and comments) from the old Daily Scott as well as the new additions. It makes much more sense for it to be here, I think.

Anywho, why not highlight some of my favorite Daily Scotts? I knew, dear reader, that you would be excited by that! Let's get started:

Update: Bah! It looks like something went a little screwy with the importing. I'll fix it at some point tomorrow, but until then just imagine what I look like.

Fork You featured on the Supertaster Test site


You might recall that Marisa and I took the Supertaster Test in a recent episode of Fork You, America's fastest growing cooking podcast filmed in Philadelphia and starring Marisa and myself. It would seem that the good folks who run the Supertaster Test site saw it as well, and have decided to link to it.

Pretty sweet, huh?

What should I think about the fact that in this video I acted like a giant jackass, and it has the most views of any Fork You to date (well over 20,000)? Clearly I need to ramp up the jackassery.

Peanuts for me


My newest book, Schulz and Peanuts, has arrived. I had heard about this book awhile ago, but I was moved to purchase it when I saw the last 20 minutes, or so, of this episode of American Masters. The portrait which was painted by that show really seemed to mirror how I feel about myself.

Here is what really made me buy the book (and I'm paraphrasing here): when Charles Schulz was laying in the hospital dying of cancer (the same disease that killed his mother, and what he always feared would kill him) his minister friend said, 'Well, you must take comfort in the fact that millions of people are praying for you, Charles.' To which Shulz responded, 'then why I am still dying?'

Pretty profound stuff.

Fork You: Brine! Fire! Turkey!

Another Fork You is available for your viewing pleasure. The good folk at Orion were kind enough to send us one of their cookers and produced the best damn turkey I have every had. Seriously, if you have an outdoor space you need one of these cookers.

This episode is the first in a 3 part series about Thanksgiving, so stay tuned for the second installment on Tuesday.

Blogging Heroes: there must have been some kind of mixup

bloggingheroes.jpgAnyone who has known me for any length of time can tell you I'm crazy about blogging. I've been blogging for a little over 7 years now, and I am sure that 7 years from now I'll still be blogging (and I bet I'll still be doing it right here at Blankbaby).

A few months ago I got an email from Michael A. Banks. He was doing a book about blogging, and he wanted to talk to me (thanks to my TUAW blogging duties). Never the one to turn down talking about two of my favorite subjects (myself and blogging) I gave Michael my details. He called me one Sunday afternoon, as I recall, and we spoke about blogging for awhile. I also took the chance to ask him about writing for 'Old Media,' i.e. in print. He gave me some things to think about, and I hoped I had given him something with which he could include in his book.

His book is called Blogging Heroes, and I am one of 30 interviews with the 'World's Top Bloggers' that make up the book (my interview is chapter 19) along side such bloggers as Steve Garfield, Robert Scoble, Gina Trapani, and Steve Rubel (to name only a few). If you want to read my interview Wiley said I could post it on my blog, so here is the PDF. I don't really say anything that should come as a shock to anyone. I only have two rules that are keys to success in blogging (or in anything, really):

  • Never say/write anything that you are uncomfortable standing behind.
  • Write about whatever you are passionate about, and success will follow.

Nothing earth-shattering there, but I said it with my rapier like wit. Plus, I'm a blogging hero so that means I am better than you are (but you knew that already).

The Daily Scott lives once more!


No one asked for it, but the first fruits of The Great Blog Unification of 2007 is the return of the Daily Scott.

The Daily Scott was, at one time, a blog unto itself but I lost interest in doing it. However, I'm once again self-absorbed so that means you get to see a new picture of me once a day here on Blankbaby. Pretty sweet, huh?

Yet another reason why I shouldn't live by myself

As you know, I've picked up some new shirts as of late. Sadly, the problem with button down shirts is that they need to be ironed before you wear them (just the thought of wearing a wrinkled shirt to work makes my mother's voice ring in my head, 'You're not going out looking like that, are you?' Make it stop!), so that's how I found myself almost out of a house and home this evening.

I woke up this morning, almost on time, and hopped in the shower. I then went to my closet to try and decide what to wear. All my shirts were horribly wrinkled, so I picked a blue striped one and fetched the iron. Now, I'm an 'adult' but I don't own an ironing board so I drape a towel over my coffee table and iron things on that. This means that I often rest the iron on top of my TV, which is within easy reach of my ironing board/coffee table. After my shirt was ironed to my satisfaction (i.e. I couldn't see any more wrinkles on it, but invariably that means the shirt is about 75% wrinkle free) I put the iron on top of my TV, got dressed, and hurried off to work.

After many hours at work, slaving over a hot computer, I wearily made my way home. As I stumbled into my apartment, and dropped in my favorite chair to get a moment's rest I hear an odd noise. It was ticking, but not the ticking of a clock. Have you ever been next to a car that has recently been turned off after driving for a long while? You know that tick you hear, the metal throwing off heat and expanding (or contracting... whichever one it is)? That was the noise I was hearing, but I was pretty sure no one had parked a car in my living room. I scanned the room quickly and that's when I saw it, sitting on my TV so innocently. An iron on the 'cotton setting,' happily heating itself, and using up all the water I put into it this morning to iron the very shirt that I was wearing.

I leapt from my chair, quickly unplugged the iron, and sighed a mighty sigh. The TV, luckily, wasn't even warm after 10 hours of having an iron sitting upright on it.

The lesson here is clear: I should live in a home of some sort, and I should purchase wrinkle free shirts from now on.

Too many blogs

I have just decided (about 5 seconds ago) that I have way too many blogs. It is time, my friends, to unite them all on this one blog (which desperately needs a redesign. Any of my designerly friends interested in whipping up a design for me? Dinner on me at the Philly eating establishment of your choice!

I'll probably be importing content from my other blogs into this (don't worry, Fork You will still be its own. Blankbaby will just absorb all the other blogs I keep about myself).

What does this mean to you, the Blankbaby reader? Well, my hope is that I will revive some projects that I haven't been keeping up with (like posting a daily picture of myself).

Let's see if it works!

New fall shirts for Scott


People love it when I blog about my new clothes, right? Of course you do! I've lost lots of weight, as I continually remind people, so this winter I have significantly less fat than I did last winter. In practical terms this means that almost all my long sleeve shirts are way too big, so I need to get new ones because without that fat the winter is cold!

Above are the 5 new shirts I purchased from J.C. Penney (online, of course). I was going to be fancy and get some shirts from Macys but I got all 5 of these shirts for less than one shirt would have cost me (though, that one shirt would have been very fancy) and that's just sound fiscal planning folks (McNulty for President!).

Anyway, the nice thing about these shirts is that they are all XXL, which I know seems big but last winter I was wear 4XL shirts so by that math next winter I'll be a plain old L.

Here's to less of me!