New fall shirts for Scott


People love it when I blog about my new clothes, right? Of course you do! I’ve lost lots of weight, as I continually remind people, so this winter I have significantly less fat than I did last winter. In practical terms this means that almost all my long sleeve shirts are way too big, so I need to get new ones because without that fat the winter is cold!

Above are the 5 new shirts I purchased from J.C. Penney (online, of course). I was going to be fancy and get some shirts from Macys but I got all 5 of these shirts for less than one shirt would have cost me (though, that one shirt would have been very fancy) and that’s just sound fiscal planning folks (McNulty for President!).

Anyway, the nice thing about these shirts is that they are all XXL, which I know seems big but last winter I was wear 4XL shirts so by that math next winter I’ll be a plain old L.

Here’s to less of me!

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