Kindle sold out


Some of you might know that Amazon announced their new e-book reader called the Kindle on Monday. Following the announcement, the blogosphere said it was bound to failure (where have I heard that before?). As of 2:25am Wednesday, November 21st Amazon has sold out of its initial run of Kindles (they should be back in stock on the 29th).

There is no telling if this is a consequence of consumer demand exceeding Amazon’s forecasts as to how many people would want this thing, or if Amazon is taking a page out of Nintendo’s book and creating a little product scarcity to drum up business. All I know is I got mine in the mail today, and I’m already in love.

Flop? I think not.

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  1. I’m not the least bit surprised that they’ve sold out the initial run (there’s definitely been at least some degree of interest in the Kindle, as it’s generated a fair share of buzz, even prior to Monday’s announcement.
    Still, I do think ultimately, when judged 12 or 18 months from now, the thing’s going to be viewed as a flop. I just don’t think there’s enough interest in the concept of the e-book among the general public to really drive significant sales of the Kindle. Of course, people said the same kind of things in 2001 about the iPod, but the Kindle just feels like too much of a needless gadget for your average consumer.

  2. Scott, is the USB-mountability of the Kindle working with your Mac? Interested to know if you can transfer text, html, .PRC/mobi files across without paying the $0.10 email tax.

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