I do not recommend this as a way to fix your iBook

angryfinder.jpgI’m a geek, this we know. I also happen to be fairly well known on the Mac web (for whatever that’s worth). This means that my friends, family, and random strangers often turn to me with computer troubles. I’ve helped people I hardly know recover data, replace harddrives, figure out what computers to buy, and how to fix any number of computer issues. When I was doing desktop support I often joked that people figured I supported anything that plugged into the wall, so my co-workers would ask me about the fax machine, the microwave, or the office fridge.

I say all this to establish the fact that I generally know what I am doing when it comes to troubleshooting technology in general. Marisa has just recently employed troubleshooting tactic that would never have even crossed my mind. And I quote:

Getting back into bed, I spent the next half hour sending good thoughts to my computer. I imagined a beam of light pouring over its pearly white case. I told it how much I appreciated it and how I just needed it to work for a few more weeks. I reminded it that its purpose in life was to compute and by not turning on, it was denying that which it had been born to do (I have never claimed to be normal).

That is a very Marisa thing to do, but not the way I would go. That being said, her iBook did start working again so what do I know? Henceforth I am just going to forward all computer questions I get to Marisa and I suggest you do the same.

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  1. I do think it’s a good thing you included my caveat about how I’ve never claimed to be normal. All I can say is that the computer turned back on (and I’m typing this very comment on it) and so that’s good enough for me!

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