Happy 1st birthday, Fork You!

It has been exactly 1 year since we posted the very first episode of Fork You. The first episode, embedded above, took about 3 months to produce from start to finish. We’ve managed to get that turn around time down to about 3 days from filming to posting (though most of the time it takes longer than that, darned real life work!).

I’ll be honest with you, I thought Fork You would be fun to do but I never really thought I could convince anyone else to work with me on it, or that anyone would watch it, or that we would continue to do it week after week (for the most part, though we’ve missed a few weeks here and there). 32 episodes, and over 110K views later it turns out I was wrong on all parts.

Now, that 100,000 sounds much more impressive than it actually is. Keep in mind that is the sum total of all our episode’s numbers, and anyone in the online video biz will tell you that those numbers are pretty meaningless. We don’t know if people simply loaded the video, if they watched it, if they watched it all the way through, or what. That being said, for a silly little podcast in Philadelphia with no backing that ain’t bad at all.

Fork You has been much more of a success than I ever thought possible, and a year later I’m still having lots of fun doing it (though I can’t speak for anyone else involved. I’m a bit of a bastard to work with). What more can a guy ask for?

I would like to thank Marisa, Thad, and Angie for thinking this silly idea was worthwhile and being involved from the start (Thad and Angie helped us film the very first episode, and have helped with almost every episode since!). I should also thank all my Philly peeps that are too numerous to mention (actually, I am too lazy to list them, but you know who you are) who help us make Fork You a reality. People seem to be excited about the podcast and that’s pretty darned cool. I mean, even my mom likes it (Marisa’s mom likes it too, but she only watches it because she has a crush on me)!

What does the future hold for Fork You? I have no idea, but we’ll continue to refine the show, have fun, and see where life takes us.

If you have any ideas on how we can make Fork You ever more awesomer let me know in the comments!

Here’s to another year of Fork You!

8 responses to “Happy 1st birthday, Fork You!”

  1. I am also happy and amazed that we kept at this thing, especially since it took us four months just to come up with a name. Here’s to many more years of Fork You! (And Scott, you’re not THAT bad to work with). 😉

  2. Congrats, guys. Fork You is a real favorite of mine. I’m always glad when a new episode comes on. Also…100,000 is a pretty impressive number no matter how you slice it. That’s quite an endorsement. Cheers on many more fun shows!

  3. wohoo! 1 year?! We’ll have to celebrate that too!
    And dont’ forget my family likes the show too (and I didn’t even tell them about it! they found it, across the US, all by themselves)

  4. I am the TOTAL opposite of a foodie and I watch it because it is so entertaining. One reason: episodes not too long, around 9 minutes. Keep it up, Marisa and Scott! I tell everyone I know who watches food shows about ForkYou.tv.

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