Blogging Heroes: there must have been some kind of mixup

bloggingheroes.jpgAnyone who has known me for any length of time can tell you I’m crazy about blogging. I’ve been blogging for a little over 7 years now, and I am sure that 7 years from now I’ll still be blogging (and I bet I’ll still be doing it right here at Blankbaby).

A few months ago I got an email from Michael A. Banks. He was doing a book about blogging, and he wanted to talk to me (thanks to my TUAW blogging duties). Never the one to turn down talking about two of my favorite subjects (myself and blogging) I gave Michael my details. He called me one Sunday afternoon, as I recall, and we spoke about blogging for awhile. I also took the chance to ask him about writing for ‘Old Media,’ i.e. in print. He gave me some things to think about, and I hoped I had given him something with which he could include in his book.

His book is called Blogging Heroes, and I am one of 30 interviews with the ‘World’s Top Bloggers’ that make up the book (my interview is chapter 19) along side such bloggers as Steve Garfield, Robert Scoble, Gina Trapani, and Steve Rubel (to name only a few). If you want to read my interview Wiley said I could post it on my blog, so here is the PDF. I don’t really say anything that should come as a shock to anyone. I only have two rules that are keys to success in blogging (or in anything, really):

  • Never say/write anything that you are uncomfortable standing behind.
  • Write about whatever you are passionate about, and success will follow.

Nothing earth-shattering there, but I said it with my rapier like wit. Plus, I’m a blogging hero so that means I am better than you are (but you knew that already).

12 responses to “Blogging Heroes: there must have been some kind of mixup”

  1. Hey Scott,
    Thanks for the link. I just watched the Fork You Meatloaf show…! Ha! That’s good stuff especially the impromptu Meatloaf song. Loved that. Forget the cooking and do a music show instead.
    We had a comedian on Spices of Life and it was the funniest show ever. Why do food, health, lifestyle when you can have a comedian crack jokes in the snack food aisle?
    But back to the show, I loved the text on the screen. How do you do that?

  2. Right on, Mr. Scotty! The Six Degrees of Rosmemary Connors has taken on even more lustre! And thanks for the success tips, too, especially the second – I needed a reminder of that more than you know right now. I’m sure I will see you soon – isn’t it time for a Parr party?

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