Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge

If you grew up in the NYC area during the 80’s like I did, then you’ll immediately recognize this commercial. That damned jingle haunts me, because whenever someone mentions Mt. Airy, the suburb of Philly, I hear “Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge” in my head and then I can’t think of anything other than these damn silly commercials.

Sadly, I will never get to stay at Beautiful Mount Airy Lodge since it closed in 2001.

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  1. oh man, i thought i was the only one! saw the same commercials growing up and think of that ending line all the time. i never knew where it actually was until now though.

  2. I stayed there many times during the 80’s and 90’s when I was a kid and young teenager. Even though in the mid-90’s when my family decided to go back there “for old times sake” and it just wasn’t the same there will always be a special place in my heart for this place. I can remember the exact layout of everything and picture so much of it in my head. It actually breaks my heart to see the pictures of the demolition because its a piece of my childhoos that I’ll never get back.

  3. I really miss being at Mount Airy Lodge. I used to go once a year with my wife , a couple of friends from Richmond Hill, Queens and I would many time bring my guitar.
    Sometimes, they would let me play the guitar on stage for the entire evening. And I still catch myself humming the jingle, even up here.
    And the food was terrific. I haven’t eaten a meal like that in decades. I don’t ever feel hungry anymore.
    I miss a lot of things, but nothing more than Mount Airy Lodge.

  4. i grew up on the shoreline of connecticut and saw this commercial broadcast over TV-55 long island my entire childhood. it always looked so cool and fun, and i couldn’t wait to be an adult so i could sit in those heart shaped and champagne glass hot tubs, it always looked so glamorous to this small town kid. i live in philly now and any time anyone mentions the poconos or mt. airy i hum that tune as well. for some reason, this is one of the only, if not the only jingle that has sort of infected my brain and popped up all throughout my life. it’s strange, but i’m really glad the the jingle that stuck with me through my life was been “beautiful mount airy lodge” instead of something terrible like the “I’m lovin’ it” mcdonalds campaign….

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