Two Fork Yous in one week

I haven’t been blogging here on Blankbaby much in the last few weeks for a few reasons:

  • Leopard, Apple’s next flavor of OS X, is coming out soon and I’m blogging like a mad man over at TUAW (if you want to just read my posts, you can by subscribing to this feed).
  • Fork You continues to be a fun, and rewarding, way for me to spend lots and lots of time!

That’s right, for some reason Marisa and I decided that October and November would be Forkful months! A new episode of Fork You every week, and so far we’ve delivered. In fact, this week we posted two episodes:

The Meatloaf episode (QuickTime version):

The Super Taster Test episode (QuickTime version):

I’ve also agrede to do another video project (that pays some dough), so that’s taking some of my time. It is like I have 3 jobs now (though I am pretty happy about all of them):

  • My fulltime job (which is including more and more Mac stuff and blogging, so that’s cool)
  • My Blogging
  • My podcasting

It is a wonder I have time for reading, eating, and going to the gym! Oh, and I am working on launching another blog shortly because I still have an hour of unstructured time every other Thursday.

How have you been, dear Blankbaby readers?

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