Thanksgiving in October

Scott is perplexedAnother day, another Fork You filming. Marisa, myself, and our intrepid crew gathered today in a small house located somewhere in South Philly to film not one, but three episodes of Fork You. That’s right, we had Thanksgiving in October to prepare for 3 weeks of Thanksgiving madness over at Fork You (and we’ll be filming one more episode this week dealing with leftovers to round out the month of November).

Thad manned my camera and took a bunch of pictures which are viewable in this set at Flickr. We have so much fun filming Fork You, it is no wonder we keep doing it despite the fact that it takes lots of time, and a good bit of money, to put together.

We made a ton of food, and so the call went out over Twitter for hungry people. Roz, Bart, Bart’s sister, Ruth, and Annie heeded the call. Lots of food, and lots of laughs later, the Fork You filming was done.

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  1. Man, that dessert (name omitted to keep the surprise element) was sooo good! I would have had a 4th serving if i hadn’t been so stuffed!

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