New Fork You, and announcing In the Kitchen with Slashfood

This happens when I must entertain myselfI’ve been a busy, cranky man of late. I’ve been staying up way past my bedtime for the last few days cranking out video podcast after video podcast.

Last week we posted not one new episode of Fork You, but two (meatloaf, and the one that proves I have better taste than Marisa). Today comes two more new episodes of foodie goodness, but only one of them is a Fork You.

First, the Fork You crew paid a visit to The Spring Gardens a few months back, and we have finally had time in our production schedule to get the episode up. This one really showcases our great new camera. Doesn’t that footage just make you long for a garden of your own? Thanks to Stephan for taking time out of his schedule to talk to us:

The other video Marisa and I posted today was over at Slashfood, Weblogs’ food blog. Some of you might know that I’m the head honcho over at TUAW, a Weblogs Inc blog that covers all things Apple, and Marisa is a Slashfoodie. It would seem that Brad Hill, the big Man at WIN (that’s what the cool kids call Weblogs, Inc) had caught wind of Fork You (mostly from my Tweeting I would imagine) and he liked what he saw. Thus began a very long discussion about Marisa and I making Fork You for Slashfood with a couple of key differences:

  • It wouldn’t be called Fork You
  • We would get paid for it (instead of it costing us money

We were hesitant for a few reasons, but it mostly boiled down to the fact that we like having complete creative control over Fork You. We can say or do whatever the hell we want, and we don’t have to ask anyone (as long as we both agree, that is). Brad suggested we do 2 episodes of Slashfood in the Kitchen (that’s the name of the podcast) and we figured what the heck. And so I give you the first episode of Slashfood in the Kitchen:

At the moment it is only available via AOL’s video sharing site, Uncut. I hope to get the QuickTime file up soon so that it will be an actual podcast.

Oh, and the picture up above has nothing to do with either of these episodes, but I think it is a good picture of me.

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