I’m available for weddings

weddingscotty.jpgIt is always a nice feeling when you know that someone you care about is very happy. You know the feeling, don’t you? A sort of warm, squiggly feeling deep inside of you that let’s you know the world isn’t half bad.
It is not unusual for someone to feel this way at a wedding of a dear friend, and I am happy to report that is just how I felt this past Friday. However, this feeling was amplified because two good friends were getting married… to each other and I can take at some of the credit for it.
Thad and Angie (if those are their REAL names) got hitched this past weekend after a 2 year courtship (or there abouts) and I introduced them to one another! Such is the mighty power of the Blankbaby, I tells you!
Remember, ladies, I’m still single and I am very fashionable as evidenced by the above picture.
Anyone who has encountered Thad and Angie (or Thadgelica as some have called them) over the past year or so could tell that these two wacky kids were meant to be together. I’m just happy they let me participate in their happy day (I was an usher, and I must say that I ush with the best of ’em).
The ceremony itself was very nice, though the priest’s homily was a little creepy. He managed to bring up pedophilia and having a threesome with Christ in the same homily. It was most impressive. I also nearly managed to make Marisa laugh out loud during the ceremony, which would have been hilarious (to me at least).
Other highlights of the evening include:

  • Thad’s dad telling me to stop calling his son a jackass
  • Thad’s mom saying to me, as she walked out of the church, ‘What’s going on good looking?’ to which I said, ‘I’ll see YOU later.’ and winked at her.
  • Dancing like a fool with Roz, Bart, and Marisa. Roz managed to snap a few shots of Marisa and I making like Fred and Ginger, and me getting up off the floor after doing the worm (I’m a wild man on the dance floor!).
  • Marisa falling in love with, and then absconding with, a pumpkin.
  • Escorting Owen down the aisle.
  • Having Roz tell me that I am handsome with my glases but VERY handsome without (I told her that she should see me without pants… she wasn’t interested).

A good time was had by all, and here are my pictures, Roz’s pictures, and Marisa’s pictures to prove it.

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  1. Weddings are supposed to make people get all misty-eyed… well, some combination of the ceremony and the open bar, anyway.

  2. I believe I am the one who started the whole “Thangelica” Thang, lol. Oh man, yes, a good time was had by all. Scotty, you were a dancin’ fool! We should do this again sometime, although, the only ones left are Bill Butter and…. YOU! Hehe, so get crackin! 🙂

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