10 Zen Monkeys asks Is The Net Good For Writers?

Is The Net Good For Writers? is a pretty dumb question, if you ask me.

The question is built upon the thought that since online publishing has made it easy for anyone to get their writing out there it must be bad for people who consider themselves ‘writers.’ Just because it is easy to get your writing online doesn’t make the act of writing any easier, trust me I should know. It seems that every reader of TUAW thinks that blogging is super easy (‘That Scott McNulty does it, so how hard can it be?’). Judging from the 500 or so applications I have read from people wanting to blog for TUAW (that’s roughly 1500 sample posts) I can tell you that most people can’t write worth a damn. Most of the applications are well meaning, but horribly written and if you take that and a nickel you won’t be able to buy a pitcher of warm spit (though why you would want a pitcher of warm spit is a matter best left between you and your clergyman).

Do I consider myself a good writer? No, but I do consider myself a good reader, and as such I can tell you when writing is good and when it isn’t. The Net has simply made it easier for talented people to find their audience (but it still ain’t easy, buster!).

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