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I bring happiness to othersI haven’t been blogging on Blankbaby like I know I should! I think I’ve said this before, but I like to think of myself as something of an antisocial hermit with few friends and even less reason to actually… you know… go outside. Despite this crazy thought of mine, I often find myself sallying forth from my home, and the last few weeks have found me out and about more than usual (I know I have a few emails to reply to, I promise I haven’t forgotten! I also have about 100 more TUAW applications to read, and American Pastoral to finish, as well as the last episode in Fork You‘s first season to edit. You know, all of this would be much easier if I didn’t have a full time job. Sadly, if I didn’t have a full time job eating and having a home would become much harder, so I think I’ll stick with the job. Plus I like my job well enough, and I totally heart my boss [Hi, Barry!].).

Anyway, here are some random Scott thoughts for you to savor:

  • One sound I hate above all others is the slapping that accompanies people wearing flip flop like shoes. It drives me mad, and when I am Emperor of the world I will outlaw those shoes.
  • I have often spoke of my love for Savage Chickens. Check out this comic, in which Savage Chickens tackles a question I often ponder, ‘What would you like on your tombstone?’ ‘I’m standing behind you,’ is my favorite.
  • You should check out this nice post about Independents Hall, the fantastic co-working space that has been Alex’s cause for longer than I have known him. Now that it is a reality one can actually have a conversation with Alex in which he doesn’t mention co-working in every other sentence (I kid because I love, and because it is true). Oh, and make sure to scroll down to the end of the article because I make a cameo appearance in a photo. My love of the camera means that I often end up in media coverage of stuff that my cool (and much smarter than me) friends are doing. I’m a hanger on!
  • I have posted some pictures to Flickr. First my day at the West Chester Restaurant Fest and then some pictures I took walking around Philly.

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  1. And if I become Emperor first, I will appoint you Outlawer of Flip-Flops and their ilk. Or, as an alternative, we could develop a Flip-Flop Slap Silencer. Enormous market! The perfect holiday gift! But there is a risk – someone may develop custom Flip-Flop slap sounds, like ringtones. Oh, the horror.

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