Blankbaby is going to San Francisco

Cable Car StopI’m off to San Francisco for a week, and it has nothing to do with Apple! Shocking, I know, but I do have other things in my life that take me to far away places.

I’m going to VMWorld, which is VMware’s gigantic conference (Joe tells me 10,000 nerds will be there). I’ll be there for work, but I won’t be overwhelmed with having to try and see everything, talk to everyone, and write about. That means I will:

  • Be able to learn stuff
  • Be able to actually see some of SF

I’ve been to San Francisco 5 or 6 times, and I have yet to set foot on Alcatraz, which is one of the things that I have always wanted to do (I would also like to meet the MythBusters, but something tells me that won’t happen). I’m flying into SFO tomorrow at 10am (that’s when my flight gets in) and I will be on a ferry making my way to Alcatraz at 3:20pm. Can you tell that I’m excited? I love doing crap like this, and I am going to have my super cool camera along with me (and my iPhone.. I’m sure I’ll be posting some pictures to the blog from time to time).

So, Blankbaby readers, what else should I do while I am in SF? Oh, and if anyone will be out there let me know and we can meet up (though I doubt anyone in SF reads Blankbaby).

For those curious you can see some pics from my previous trips to the West Coast here, here, and here.

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  1. Just so you know, I’ve been reading for a long time, both here and at TUAW.
    I just flew back in from SFO on Saturday. I’m at Michigan State University, and our Journalism department sent some of us out to the Society of Environmental Journalists conference. It was at Stanford, so I spent most of my time in Palo Alto.
    But while I was out there, some friends took me on a whirlwind tour of the City. I must say that there are plenty of great places in that town, but highlights:
    Presidio – the neighborhood at the south foot of GGB. Its an old military complex, and is just beautiful. But what really makes it (at least for the nerd tourist) is the fact that George Lucas put some of his ILM offices there. Go walk around their campus there (its pretty small) and see if you can find the Yoda statue. I also saw some testing being done on what looked like one of the KOTOR games through a window.
    Twin Peaks – the highest point in the city, if I’m not mistaken. We went up on Friday night after dark, and got lucky with the lack of fog. If you can make it up during the day, or at night when its clear, its really awesome.
    I’ll probably put some photos up on my blog today at some point, but I’ve got some media to digitize here at work…

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