You can keep your Harry Potter, I have Thursday Next


The world is all a twitter about Harry Potter and the next Billion, or whatever it is called, and I must tell you… I don’t give a crap. Why? Mostly because I read the first Potter book and thought it was pretty crappy so I thought, why should I read thousands of pages of this treacle? So I stopped at the first book, chalked it up as a learning experience, and moved on. It would seem I am the only person in the world who had this reaction.

People know I enjoy books, so whenever Harry Potter comes up in conversation it is assumed that I have read the entire saga and have some opinions about it. I tell folks that I only read the first book and invariably they say, “Oh, that’s the worst of the lot! They don’t really start to get good until the 3rd book.” That’s too much effort for too little return in my book (get it? Ha!).

So you can keep your damn Harry Potter books, because I have something even better: Thursday Next. That’s right, Amazon just emailed me the shipping confirmation for First Among Sequels: A Thursday Next Novel, and I’m incredibly excited. The Thursday Next books are set in an alternative world where reading is as popular as sports are in our world. Plus it is written by a witty Englishman, and how can you not like a dude with a last name that begins with two f’s?

I’ll have First Among Sequels tomorrow, thanks to Amazon Prime, and I am sure I will devour it very quickly (though sadly I have an appointment after work tomorrow so I won’t be able to read it as quickly as I would like).

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  1. My copy of First Among Sequels should arrive with the first of the series, which I will likely read first, based on your suggestion.

  2. You’re the man. Harry Potter sucks. Everytime I see an FYE employee wearing one of those damn owls on their shoulders, I have this urge to punch it off.

  3. I love Thursday Next! But I also love Harry Potter, I’m hoping Thursday jumps into them at some point. It’s true that they don’t get great until the third book. 🙂

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