Oscar the cat knows when you’re going to die


Lots of people prefer Google over Yahoo, this I know. However, I like going to Yahoo.com because they feature an offbeat story on their main page every day. It is how I stay in the know with crap that I really don’t need to know. Take, for instance, the story of Oscar the death sensing cat. If I only used Google I wouldn’t know about this little furry angel of Death, but thanks to those crazy kats (see what I did there?) at Yahoo I’m in the kitty death patrol know.

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  1. Hilarious, I do the same thing with the Yahoo home page everyday. When I met with the Yahoo people last year, I told them they were brilliant for cornering that quirky/hard news aggregation. Brings so much more value for me and keeps me comin’ back! I also love “the 9” – starring my friend, Maria! I haven’t watched lately…I’d better go back and check!

  2. Doh, I keep forgetting there are other Owens on here, This is Big-O of the old roomate of Thad and Scott variety.

  3. I just love that you used the word “harbinger.” It’s such an awesome word. And that story was pretty interesting. Animals really are amazing.

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