AT&T is listening to your calls.. or not


I want an iPhone as much as the next guy, but AT&T creeps me out a little. They issued this press release last year, from which I will quote the important part:

The news media have carried reports alleging that AT&T is participating in an unlawful NSA terrorist surveillance program. Unfortunately, the law does not permit AT&T to respond to those allegations.

AT&T could tell us if they were spying on us, but then they would have to kill us. Multitouch doesn’t sound all that great now, does it?

[via Chris Messina‘s tweet]

2 responses to “AT&T is listening to your calls.. or not”

  1. Of course it’s not just AT&T who’s helping the NSA. Most of us really have nothing to fear, but that’s not really comforting is it? There are something on the order of 200M phone calls placed per day… finding bad actors in that mix is quite a challenge. I don’t know quite how I feel about this wiretap business, because on the one hand, I think there is some usefulness for law enforcement and terrorist prevention; on the other, the lack of review and oversight has me seriously concerned.
    And yes, I was a volunteer at the ACLU in a past life, so this stuff generally gets my back up.

  2. If the government wants to listen in on my phone calls, I couldn’t care less. I joke about Aqua Teen Hunger Force and plan when to meet friends at neighborhood pubs. If my life is that exciting or something to worry about, then maybe we have truly solved world hunger and stopped all the terrorists.
    Besides, if a mega-corporation like AT&T were going to kill me, I’d prefer them to multi-touch me to death anyway. Mmmm, multi-touch.

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