Where have you been, Blankbaby?


I haven’t been blogging here on Blankbaby much as of late, a fact which my mother brought to my attention this afternoon so I thought I would post an update of sorts.

This is what I have been up to as of late:

  • I registered for BlogPhiladelphia, the blogging unconference that will be taking place here in Philly on July 12th and 13th (I wonder if I have to take those days off of work, or if I can finagle them into letting me just go). Not only am I attending the unconference, but I am running two (that’s right, two) sessions:

    • How To Deal With Negative Comments, or On the Internet no one can hear you cry
    • Blogging: Is It Better In Groups?
  • I decided to cancel my Match.com membership, and as soon as I did a few ladies contacted me. I went on a date the other night, and I’ll be going on another one at some point this week (with a different lady). We’ll see what happens.
  • I went to SF for WWDC, and I was on TV. The folks from work seemed to be impressed. I wonder what this means for my ‘Influence’ levels…
  • Filmed three episodes of Fork You on two different days. The above pic was snapped by Thad, whilst Marisa and I whipped up some pesto in his kitchen. Look for this episode on Tuesday.
  • I gained some weight while I was in San Francisco (damn you, Jack in the Box! I know that I should have went to In and Out Burger, but Jack in the Box was so very close to my hotel), but I’ve been working out like a mad man (I did 4.9 miles on the elliptical in 30 minutes, that’s sooo close to 5 six minute miles in a row) and I managed to knock off 2 more pounds. I am now wondering what I should do to celebrate 100 pounds lost (which is only 7 pounds away). I’m thinking of arranging for a bunch of folks to go out to dinner with me to celebrate. Doesn’t that sound like fun?
  • The Daily Scott has been suffering because of the new camera I got, and the fact that the built in camera on my MacBook is being flakey. I’ll write more about the camera, but I really want to get back to posting on the Daily Scott.

Now you’re all caught up!

5 responses to “Where have you been, Blankbaby?”

  1. That’s always the way with Match.com. That same thing happened to me several years ago. It must be something cosmic with the little hamsters running that website. (Because internet servers are run by hamsters, right?)

  2. Ooh, ooh! I forgot you were doing Match! I just signed up a couple weeks ago, and I went on three (3!) dates this weekend. Ha, ha! What a trip! I’d love to hear your stories, and I would happily share mine. Just in case you’re wondering, of the three this weekend, only one was tolerable! Hope you’re having better luck with the LAY-deez up there.
    Way to go on that elliptical, BTW! Doesn’t it feel great?

  3. That picture looks great. It looks like a proper publicity still. Needs a little “Property of Fork You Studios” on the bottom of it.

  4. Leah, only the finest websites are powered by hamsters. Accept no substitutes!
    Katie, I haven’t had that much luck on Match, but I think that is more a reflection on me and not the cyber ladies. And the elliptical is actually starting to feel… good. Odd, I know.
    Eric, I would have went to In and Out but it was too far afield from my hotel. I’m a lazy man.
    Dave, thanks! It is all about the camera (which I’ll be posting about tonight).

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