Wanna see me get yelled at on TV?

meoncnbc-2.jpgI have been a busy, busy panda here at WWDC (that’s Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference to you, bub). Oh, that’s right, I was so busy leading up to it that I didn’t mention on Ye Olde Blankbaby that I would be in San Francisco this week. I’m here until Friday, so if you are a Blankbaby reader and you live in the Bay Area now is your chance to meet me!

Anyway, right after the Steve Jobs Keynote I get an email from a producer at CNBC. It would seem Steve Rubel (thanks, Steve!) gave him my name (and the names of a few of my fellow TUAW bloggers) because he was looking for someone to appear on Fast Money‘s Face2Face segment. They wanted someone to talk about the Keynote, though the catch was that they wanted someone at the conference. Since I’m currently in SF covering it, they went with little old me. They had me log into a WebEx session, dial up a conference number (using speakerphone) and talk into my iSight. They also made me take off my glasses, which made me sad but anything for TV (there was some glare from the glasses).

You can check it out here on iTunes and see me try to talk some sense into these fast talking traders (or you can look at it on Viddler. Thanks, Alex!). I don’t know if I succeeded, but at least I didn’t sound like too much of an idiot.

It is useful to keep in mind that I really didn’t have any idea what they were going to ask me about. I knew they wanted to hear the ‘Man on the Street’ view of the Keynote but they didn’t give me any specific areas they wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about Safari 3 being on Windows but they were more interested in the iPhone (shocking, I know).

Oh, and thanks to Frank for the kind words. It was quite an intro that Dylan gave me… and one I try to live up to though I fail miserably more often than not. What’s that saying, ‘being there is 90%.’ I might have just made that up.

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  1. Scott, you were great. These are not particularly tech-savvy people (the woman covering WWDC kept using “Windows” as a browser instead of “Internet Explorer” when she was discussing Safari) and they are fast talkers. You were knowledgeable and succinct. I’m sure this is only the start!

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