See me get yelled at on this blog

Alex made it so I was able to embed this video using the fabulous Viddler player (which I really need to post about that in the future since it powers Fork You).

Watch away. 🙂

2 responses to “See me get yelled at on this blog”

  1. OMYGAWD!! I disappear for a while, and you, like, become famous!! That was fabulous. And you look fabulous, dahling! I owe you an updated cartoon, don’t I? Geeeez…I’m swamped again, but I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll wait a while longer so you can become even MORE fabulous!

  2. This is awesome. When is apple going to offer you a job already? (Not that I want you to leave Philly.) I listened, but the video didn’t play for me. But I already know what you look like when you’re talking so it didn’t matter to me.

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