Mike Gravel ain’t going to be President

gravel.jpgI’m watching the Democratic Presidential Debate (odd, I know) on CNN, so I can feel engaged in the political discourse of our country (or at least what passes for it in our day and age). Wolf Blitzer, who has one of the best names in TV news, just asked the Democratic candidates, ‘What would you do right now to lower gasoline prices as President?’

Most of the candidates say they would offer up rebates, look at the Big Oil companies, investigate alternative sources and such. That’s pretty much the pat answer, and one that doesn’t really address the real problem: American’s over-dependence on gasoline.

Senator Mike Gravel had the best answer, and the least politically viable one (funny how that is often the case). His answer? I’ll paraphrase it:

There’s nothing I would do as President to lower the price of gasoline right now.We Aermicans have to grow up, if we want to get off the dependacy of the middle east we have to own up to the problem.

Mike, you’re right… and you’ll never be President.


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  1. I concur! Unfortunately on all counts. People vote for the guy who tells them what they want to hear, (yet probably won’t deliver) and not what they need to hear.

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