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Fork on the Spot 1: Presto Pesto

Summer is here, and you know what that means: summer foods! It also means that the brave Fork You team has ventured outside to do some filming (and unlike our previous attempts, you can understand what we're saying!). This time around we (and by 'we' I mean Marisa) make pesto pasta and a summer salad full of tomatoes and basil.

This Fork You wasn't planned (shocking, I know, to find out that most of them are planned) and so we invited a new category for 'em 'Fork on the Spot.' This episode also marks the debut of our newest Fork You team member, stellargirl. She doesn't appear in the episode (it is all about ME) but she was the one that inspired us to make it, and she served as a culinary expert. Now she has been assimilated into the team.

It is an exciting time in Fork You's history (short though it may be), and we're working on some very cool stuff. Stay tuned.

Headshot and bio


From time to time I get asked for a bio, and I dash one off. Here's the latest I have produced (for BlogPhiladelphia):

Scott McNulty is a blogger, podcaster, and man about town. He heads up a team of Apple bloggers at The Unofficial Apple Weblog, cooks like a mad man on Fork You, and blogs about whatever enters his pretty little head at Blankbaby . He was dubbed a 'lovable hipster doofus' by the Spokesman Review and enjoys wearing Hawaiian shirts.

This is the first time I have been asked to provide a headshot though. Sadly no pictures of me exist on the Internet. Oh, wait, there are tons of them. The winner was this shot taken by the ever talented Stellargirl.

Where have you been, Blankbaby?


I haven't been blogging here on Blankbaby much as of late, a fact which my mother brought to my attention this afternoon so I thought I would post an update of sorts.

This is what I have been up to as of late:

  • I registered for BlogPhiladelphia, the blogging unconference that will be taking place here in Philly on July 12th and 13th (I wonder if I have to take those days off of work, or if I can finagle them into letting me just go). Not only am I attending the unconference, but I am running two (that's right, two) sessions:

    • How To Deal With Negative Comments, or On the Internet no one can hear you cry

    • Blogging: Is It Better In Groups?

  • I decided to cancel my membership, and as soon as I did a few ladies contacted me. I went on a date the other night, and I'll be going on another one at some point this week (with a different lady). We'll see what happens.
  • I went to SF for WWDC, and I was on TV. The folks from work seemed to be impressed. I wonder what this means for my 'Influence' levels...
  • Filmed three episodes of Fork You on two different days. The above pic was snapped by Thad, whilst Marisa and I whipped up some pesto in his kitchen. Look for this episode on Tuesday.
  • I gained some weight while I was in San Francisco (damn you, Jack in the Box! I know that I should have went to In and Out Burger, but Jack in the Box was so very close to my hotel), but I've been working out like a mad man (I did 4.9 miles on the elliptical in 30 minutes, that's sooo close to 5 six minute miles in a row) and I managed to knock off 2 more pounds. I am now wondering what I should do to celebrate 100 pounds lost (which is only 7 pounds away). I'm thinking of arranging for a bunch of folks to go out to dinner with me to celebrate. Doesn't that sound like fun?
  • The Daily Scott has been suffering because of the new camera I got, and the fact that the built in camera on my MacBook is being flakey. I'll write more about the camera, but I really want to get back to posting on the Daily Scott.

Now you're all caught up!


The last few weeks have been hectic for me. You know what that means, life intrudes on the Fitness Journey. You don't eat right, you skip the gym more often, and you feel like crap.

Luckily, I was able to get back on track last week and I have lost another 2 pounds (after gaining back a few pounds... which I will admit I skipped recording on here).

It is a cliche, I know, but getting fit is a marathon, not a sprint. I'll be dealing with this crap for rest of my very long (I hope) life.

Oh, and I have decided that it would be really great if I could get to the 100 pound mark by August 16th (which would coincide with the first entry here on Scott Gets Fit).

6.6 pounds in about 8 weeks? I can totally do that.

Wanna see me get yelled at on TV?

meoncnbc-2.jpgI have been a busy, busy panda here at WWDC (that's Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference to you, bub). Oh, that's right, I was so busy leading up to it that I didn't mention on Ye Olde Blankbaby that I would be in San Francisco this week. I'm here until Friday, so if you are a Blankbaby reader and you live in the Bay Area now is your chance to meet me!

Anyway, right after the Steve Jobs Keynote I get an email from a producer at CNBC. It would seem Steve Rubel (thanks, Steve!) gave him my name (and the names of a few of my fellow TUAW bloggers) because he was looking for someone to appear on Fast Money's Face2Face segment. They wanted someone to talk about the Keynote, though the catch was that they wanted someone at the conference. Since I'm currently in SF covering it, they went with little old me. They had me log into a WebEx session, dial up a conference number (using speakerphone) and talk into my iSight. They also made me take off my glasses, which made me sad but anything for TV (there was some glare from the glasses).

You can check it out here on iTunes and see me try to talk some sense into these fast talking traders (or you can look at it on Viddler. Thanks, Alex!). I don't know if I succeeded, but at least I didn't sound like too much of an idiot.

It is useful to keep in mind that I really didn't have any idea what they were going to ask me about. I knew they wanted to hear the 'Man on the Street' view of the Keynote but they didn't give me any specific areas they wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about Safari 3 being on Windows but they were more interested in the iPhone (shocking, I know).

Oh, and thanks to Frank for the kind words. It was quite an intro that Dylan gave me... and one I try to live up to though I fail miserably more often than not. What's that saying, 'being there is 90%.' I might have just made that up.

Fork You 9: Rub Your Breasts

That's right, another episode of Fork You has been unleashed. This time Marisa and I make some chicken.

The show's title has garnered a little criticism for being, perhaps, too racy. I think it is brilliant, but I also thought of it, so that should come as no surprise. I mean, I was talking about chicken breasts... and we do rub them in the show. Makes sense to me.


It has been a few weeks since I weighed in (Joe is doing a much better job of posting his weigh ins on schedule.. yet another instance in which Joe is better than I am! Damn you, Joe!).

Anyway, enough of that! I have lost 91 pounds so far. That's pretty incredible. You know what else is incredible? What I am doing at the gym. I go 5 times a week and do the following:

  • 4.5 miles (or so) on the elliptical (that's 30 minutes on the damn machine)
  • 8 minutes on the treadmill (which is about .75 miles at the pace I go)
  • some light strength training, very very light but it is a start

I'm turning into some sort of gym regular or something.

Mike Gravel ain't going to be President

gravel.jpgI'm watching the Democratic Presidential Debate (odd, I know) on CNN, so I can feel engaged in the political discourse of our country (or at least what passes for it in our day and age). Wolf Blitzer, who has one of the best names in TV news, just asked the Democratic candidates, 'What would you do right now to lower gasoline prices as President?'

Most of the candidates say they would offer up rebates, look at the Big Oil companies, investigate alternative sources and such. That's pretty much the pat answer, and one that doesn't really address the real problem: American's over-dependence on gasoline.

Senator Mike Gravel had the best answer, and the least politically viable one (funny how that is often the case). His answer? I'll paraphrase it:

There's nothing I would do as President to lower the price of gasoline right now.We Aermicans have to grow up, if we want to get off the dependacy of the middle east we have to own up to the problem.

Mike, you're right... and you'll never be President.

Typepad stats takes a page out of Measure Map


Six Apart has positioned Typepad, their hosted Movable Type offering, squarely at businesses. I am not a business (yet) but I am a pro-blogger (I am the Lead for a little Apple blog you might know) so I know a thing or two about problogging.

Stats was the one area in which Typepad was seriously lacking. Notice I said, 'was.' It would seem that the Typepad web elves have rolled out an updated version of the stats page (as seen above) that is a huge improvement.

hoverstats.jpgThe biggest, and flashiest (Ha!), change is the use of the Slider from Measure Map (which is licensed under a Creative Commons License, neato!). The Slider lets you see traffic in intervals from the last 4 months at a glance. Depending on the time frame you choose you get more or less detail.

One month:


Two months:


Four months:


typepadsummary.jpgYou get the idea, I take it so enough with the graphs. Another new addition is the 'Summary,' seen to the right. As you can see it lists your lifetime page views, average per day, last seven days, and the visits for the current day all in one convenient place. The best part, for me, is the prominent positioning of this data on the screen. The old version of the stats page made you look for this information, it was there but it wasn't obvious.

downloadstats.jpgFinally, you can now download a .csv file that contains all the pageview information for your blog. Sadly, the file only has the date and the pageview count, but it is a start.

There changes to the Stats screen are more than welcome, and a long time coming. Congrats to the Typepad team for rolling them out! That being said, I won't be uninstalling Google Analytics (which has recently been redesigned with Measure Map having a huge influence on its new look) any time soon.