Fork on the Spot 1: Presto Pesto

Summer is here, and you know what that means: summer foods! It also means that the brave Fork You team has ventured outside to do some filming (and unlike our previous attempts, you can understand what we’re saying!). This time around we (and by ‘we’ I mean Marisa) make pesto pasta and a summer salad full of tomatoes and basil.

This Fork You wasn’t planned (shocking, I know, to find out that most of them are planned) and so we invited a new category for ’em ‘Fork on the Spot.’ This episode also marks the debut of our newest Fork You team member, stellargirl. She doesn’t appear in the episode (it is all about ME) but she was the one that inspired us to make it, and she served as a culinary expert. Now she has been assimilated into the team.

It is an exciting time in Fork You’s history (short though it may be), and we’re working on some very cool stuff. Stay tuned.

3 responses to “Fork on the Spot 1: Presto Pesto”

  1. hey scott,
    good fork you! thad’s got a nice kitchen too.
    im a little disappointed tho, you did a whole episode on basil and didn;t make one fawlty towers joke (altho i think i caught one in the very beginning, did you do his wife’s voice then?)

  2. IMHO I think you should film future episodes in that kitchen. The penninsula format is better because it allows you to both face the camera, versus a galley that has you both standing kind of sideways.

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