Let me show you my photo face


I like to think of myself as shy and retiring, an opinion that isn’t always upheld by reality. Sure, I’m fairly shy around people I don’t know, but around friends I’m far from shy (and if I’m in front of a crowd… forget about it). Concurrently, I like to think of myself as someone who is happier behind the scenes, not the center of attention. Once again, reality disagrees.

There are many pictures of myself on Flickr (234 at the moment), which I suppose isn’t the mark of some shy, reticent individual.

Here’s a story that goes with the above picture:

I was amongst those lucky enough to be invited to a certain someone’s birthday party, so I got gussied up (you never know who you’ll meet at these parties. Yes, ladies, I am single.) and headed on over. Stellargirl was also in attendance with her camera in hand, and for some reason, and with no prodding from yours truly, she decided to start snapping pictures of me. Once it became clear that our height differences were making the ideal shot difficult to get she had me sit in a chair, which I did because I am ever the willing photographic subject (see here, here, here, and here). As the camera clicked away Becky walked in, and rolled her eyes saying, ‘Of course, Scott is getting his picture taken.’ Really, what party is complete without me getting my picture taken at it?

Anywho, the real reason I am writing this post is to call your attention to the face that I am making in the above picture (taken by stellargirl herself). This face is my default picture face (Lord knows why) and as such deserves a name (ala Zoolander’s Blue Steel). Sound off in the comments with some suggestions! You know you want to.

3 responses to “Let me show you my photo face”

  1. My grandfather would’ve called that a grimace. It’s definitely a “something” Grimace, but I’m not sure yet what the “something” should be.

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