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Some of you know that I’m the Lead Blogger over at TUAW (that’s the Unofficial Apple Weblog to you, buddy), which has meant that Blankbaby has far less Apple related content than it did at one point. I blog with a great bunch of folks over there who are all very enthusiastic users of Apple technology (I don’t think we’re ‘fanboys,’ but then again we probably are). We all enjoy writing about Apple, but I’ll admit that there is a small, but very vocal, minority of commenters on TUAW that aren’t kind. They can sometimes suck all the joy out of blogger (I want to be clear, though, that most of TUAW readers and commenters are great).

ComputerWorld has just listed their top 15 geek blogs and TUAW wasn’t on the list. Fret not, loyal Scott lovers, TUAW was the very first honorable mention. TUAW was left out of the top 15 because of its ‘singular focus.’ Hurrah for us! It is nice to have someone notice all your hard work.

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