A blogging unconference in Philadelphia? Could it be possible? Why, bless my britches, not only is it possible but it is going to be happening. That’s right, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation and uwishunu (a blog that they run/sponsor) have just announced BLOGPHILADELPHIA (which I am guessing is supposed to be capitalized). I’m excited, and I wonder if they’ll ask me to sit on a panel. I mean, I’m probably one of the few Philadelphia bloggers that is a real live Pro at it (I can think of a few others). Oh, and BLOGPHILADELPHIA folks, if you need help planning this shindig, let me know.

Though, if I were in charge of the event I would have called it Blogadelphia, and not just because I own (though that is a point in the name’s favor, however, I would gladly donate the domain).

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  1. Hey, thanks for the plug;) We’re working on the sessions and schedule and will be in touch soon! Blogadelphia is genius – wish I had thought of that!

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