80 pounds gone, Phase 1 done

You might have noticed that I have reached my first goal of 80 pounds weight lose, but did I do it in 8 months? I actually hit 303 early in April, but I was just too darned busy to post about it. All told, I lost 80 pounds in 7.5 months, but then I hovered around 303 for awhile. I then proceeded to take a few weeks off of exercising (though I still watched what I ate) and managed to keep the weight off.

Tuesday, May 1st 2007 marked the start of Phase 2 (and you’ll notice an updated progress meter on Scott Gets Fit, if you visit the website that is). My goal for Phase 2? 40 pounds in 8 months which will bring the total weight shed to 120 pounds over 16 months, which I think is pretty good.

3 pounds down, 37 to go!

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