What the heck are those orange links?

amazonlink.jpgChances are that if you read Blankbaby you probably don’t actually visit blog.blankbaby.com that often (I assume most Blankbaby readers use the RSS feed), however, if you do visit the website you might have noticed an orange link here and there (like the one pictured to the right). What the heck are they?

I’m so glad I asked myself! They are built using Amazon’s beta Context Link program (though I really think they should have called it ‘Contextual Link,’ but what do I know) which, as the name might tell you, scans your content and automatically places Amazon Associate links for you. This is all kinds of awesome, since I am an Amazon Associate, but I always forget to actually link stuff using my code (if you click on a link with one of those codes embedded in it, the Associate gets a little cash). Sadly, when Amazon calls this a beta they mean it. It doesn’t seem to be working reliably, but when you see an orange link and you hover over it you’ll get this:


Which I think is kinda cool. When you click on the link, you are shuffled off to Amazon where you can buy whatever product the link suggested.

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