My trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps

What a handsome man!
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Since I am a good son, I went to visit my mother for Easter. Sure, I don’t actually celebrate Easter myself but I love my mom and she wanted to see me… so VA bound I was.

I usually try to cajole my mother into doing something while I am there, which is met with varying degrees of success. She works hard, so when she has time off she would rather not go walking around Washington, DC (which is what I often suggest we do). This trip was no different, as I kept saying, ‘Let’s do something!’

Finally my mom said, ‘Well, they did just open that new Marine museum that I wanted to visit.’

I’m a sucker for a museum (the topic really doesn’t matter) so off we went to the Marine Museum. I took lots of pictures. As you might expect there was lots of Marine stuff in the museum (shocking, I know) and I do believe lots of the visitors were either currently enlisted Marines or retired Marines.

Now, I’m not the most manly of man at the best of times. Finding myself in a shrine to the kind of of macho man that John Wayne played (though these dudes were actually brave, they weren’t play acting) made me feel a little insecure. I mean, I type behind a computer for most of my life, not that brave. However, to make matters worse my mother made me hold her purse in the lobby while she used the bathroom.

A computer geek holding his mommy’s purse in the lobby of the Marine Museum… it really sums up my life, don’t you think?

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