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What the heck are those orange links?

amazonlink.jpgChances are that if you read Blankbaby you probably don't actually visit that often (I assume most Blankbaby readers use the RSS feed), however, if you do visit the website you might have noticed an orange link here and there (like the one pictured to the right). What the heck are they?

I'm so glad I asked myself! They are built using Amazon's beta Context Link program (though I really think they should have called it 'Contextual Link,' but what do I know) which, as the name might tell you, scans your content and automatically places Amazon Associate links for you. This is all kinds of awesome, since I am an Amazon Associate, but I always forget to actually link stuff using my code (if you click on a link with one of those codes embedded in it, the Associate gets a little cash). Sadly, when Amazon calls this a beta they mean it. It doesn't seem to be working reliably, but when you see an orange link and you hover over it you'll get this:


Which I think is kinda cool. When you click on the link, you are shuffled off to Amazon where you can buy whatever product the link suggested.

My trip to the National Museum of the Marine Corps

What a handsome man!
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Since I am a good son, I went to visit my mother for Easter. Sure, I don't actually celebrate Easter myself but I love my mom and she wanted to see me... so VA bound I was.

I usually try to cajole my mother into doing something while I am there, which is met with varying degrees of success. She works hard, so when she has time off she would rather not go walking around Washington, DC (which is what I often suggest we do). This trip was no different, as I kept saying, 'Let's do something!'

Finally my mom said, 'Well, they did just open that new Marine museum that I wanted to visit.'

I'm a sucker for a museum (the topic really doesn't matter) so off we went to the Marine Museum. I took lots of pictures. As you might expect there was lots of Marine stuff in the museum (shocking, I know) and I do believe lots of the visitors were either currently enlisted Marines or retired Marines.

Now, I'm not the most manly of man at the best of times. Finding myself in a shrine to the kind of of macho man that John Wayne played (though these dudes were actually brave, they weren't play acting) made me feel a little insecure. I mean, I type behind a computer for most of my life, not that brave. However, to make matters worse my mother made me hold her purse in the lobby while she used the bathroom.

A computer geek holding his mommy's purse in the lobby of the Marine Museum... it really sums up my life, don't you think?