We get email, we get email, we get stacks and stacks of email.

Putting yourself out there on the internet is a risk. You never know who will be reading your thoughts, judging your pictures, or creating their own view on your life, and your work. This risk, I believe, is well worth it for all the great things that leading such an open life affords one. I have met many great people, and have had lots of opportunities present themselves to me because of all my blogging (and Flickring).

The downside can be best summed up in this email I just received from ladybugarnette@yahoo.com (go ahead and send her some email, if you wish). Here’s the complete email (the subject was ‘Wow’):

why are you so freaking fat/huge/gigantic/you’re so fat you make fat look like a toothpick

I’ll be sure to take that into consideration, Ladybug Arnette, if that is your real name.

6 responses to “We get email, we get email, we get stacks and stacks of email.”

  1. That’s wrong on so many levels. It’s one thing to do it on TUAW, but to do it on your personal let’s-sit-down-with-scott site, that’s not right.
    Maybe she’s trying to hit on you, though. I know some people are like that. Hey–I’m fat, and women telling that to me has been the ice breaker for many interesting meetings.

  2. I met yu over a year, scott and you’ve changed significantly into quite the sexy man (from a straight guy’s words of course). an email like that is immature and inconsiderate and hurtful. keep up the good work we’re all on your side.

  3. She’s either a teenage girl with self-esteem issues or a very sad adult who is behaving like a teenage girl with self-esteem issues.

  4. Terrible, Scott, just terrible. Let it roll off your back and know that there are tons of people out there that love you no matter what!

  5. I think Jill’s diagnoses of teenager or sad adult are probably off the mark. Clearly, this person suffers from a mental health disorder. I’m guessing borderline personality or schizophrenia.

  6. Um, all that “consider the source, stuff.” That’s a troll…she’s probably having a rat chew the hairy mole off her face as she writes comments.
    Dude, you’re the real deal. This kind of stuff just needs to go in the waste bin. It’s negative energy…and you’re on an upward spiral.
    My formula for Miss Ladybug: Blogging’s version of malathion…she is less than nobody to us. IP ban and hasta la vista, baby.

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