Ugly Betty

bio_romijn.jpgI am secure enough in my masculinity to admit that I enjoy watching Ugly Betty (add another to the list of ‘chick shows’ like to watch: Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, and now Ugly Betty). Anywho, I am enjoyed watching Ugly Better much more now that Rebecca Romijn is on it (even though she is playing a dude turned dudette).

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  1. I have nothing to add on the subject of chick shows.
    The only “chick show” I watch is “Digging for the Truth with Josh Bernstein” because Josh Bernstein is HOT HOT HOT, and there are loads of interesting information presented too. And, now, I’ve got Owen interested in “Digging for the Truth” as well, but not as much with Josh Bernstein himself.

  2. Not like I’ve offered this publicly before, but I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to like Ugly Betty. And Felicity? I used to watch that too. Hmmm…

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