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The benefits of stepping outside your comfort zone


Just so you know that all that comfort zone bellyaching is all that isn't the only thing going on in my pretty little head, here's something more upbeat.

As you may, or may not, know I'm a fat guy. 6 months ago I decided to do something about it (mostly because my doctor was like, ' You do want to live past 50, right? Because at the rate you're going that ain't going to happen.' The fear of death is a powerful thing). I catapulted out of my comfort zone and started going to the gym at work. Now, keep in mind that I work on the campus of a University. That means that there are lots of good looking people in the prime of their lives all over the frickin' place, and the most fit of them seem to gather at the gym to judge the less fit (and older) patrons.

The gym wasn't a comfortable place for me.

A few months into it though, I stopped caring about what the slim, goodlooking people might think of this fat geek getting all sweaty in their gym and started to enjoy the impact that regularly working out had on my life. If I hadn't crossed the border of my comfort zone I wouldn't have lost 71 pounds (and counting) AND (this is the reason for the picture) I wouldn't be wearing this shirt today.

I bought this shirt a few years ago, and when I got home I realized that it didn't fit me. It was a little tight, so I put it in my closet thinking I would be able to wear it shortly. A couple of years (and probably 50 pounds) later, there was no hope that this shirt would fit me.

After several months outside of my comfort zone (and being covered in sweat), the shirt fits and I look pretty darned good in it.

The moral of the story? Umm, always hang onto shirts that don't fit you… or something.

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