New Blankbaby Media Logo

blankbabymedialogoI am no designer, this I know. I can hardly match my shirt and my pants in the morning (and I suspect most mornings I don’t do that right), but I do know what I like. One of the things that I like is the font Futura. It is bold, geometric, and simple. Traits that often attract me. I also like words.

And so the new Blankbaby Media logo was born. What do you think? I’m thinking that Micropublishing is the wave of the future (or really, the wave of the present) and that I really should think about this stuff a little more seriously (I think that Fork You has lots of potential, and another project I have been pondering might do nicely as well). We all know serious stuff needs a serious logo.

I think it still needs something though… but I don’t know what.

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