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New Blankbaby Media Logo

blankbabymedialogoI am no designer, this I know. I can hardly match my shirt and my pants in the morning (and I suspect most mornings I don't do that right), but I do know what I like. One of the things that I like is the font Futura. It is bold, geometric, and simple. Traits that often attract me. I also like words.

And so the new Blankbaby Media logo was born. What do you think? I'm thinking that Micropublishing is the wave of the future (or really, the wave of the present) and that I really should think about this stuff a little more seriously (I think that Fork You has lots of potential, and another project I have been pondering might do nicely as well). We all know serious stuff needs a serious logo.

I think it still needs something though... but I don't know what.

Stalking the Bard, the newest member of the Blankbaby Media Empire

Stalking the BardI like to think of myself as a quiet guy, but it would seem that I must have a lot to say, otherwise why would I be starting yet another blog?

Your guess is as good as mine (my guess? Keeping myself busy keeps my inner demons a peace, and doesn't give me time to reflect on my life) but another blog I have. Stalking the Bard is all about me and Shakespeare (Willy Shakespeare that is). It might not be for everyone, but I think I'll have a blast writing it. Check out my first post over there to find out what the heck it is all about.

Rochester Big & Tall Men's Clothing and Accessories - Browse Product

Niceshirthuh-1There has never been a better time in history to be a fat man, of this I am certain. Sure, perhaps fat dudes are not on the top of the list for the lovely ladies, but at least you can buy nice clothes (and perhaps catch a lady's eye). I am not as fat as I once was, but I am well aware that I am still, in fact fat.

I also possess a certain amount of personal style (I use that term loosely, believe me) to which this shirt speaks. Sadly, thanks to the fact that I am shedding pounds like a mofo I can't imagine dropping $165 on a shirt (and I've never owned a silk shirt... do you have to dry clean them or something?).

It is a nifty shirt though.

The Glass House | Press

 Users Smcnulty Library Application-Support Ecto Attachments GlasshouseMy good friend Glenn lives in Connecticut, however, something tells me he would have very little interest in visiting The Glass House, which is right up my alley. The National Trust for Historic Preservation is opening the Philip Johnson Glass House to the public on June 21st. For $40 you get a 2 hour guided tour of the house and the 47 acre grounds (and they encourage picture taking, though on the cheaper tour you can't take pictures).

Anyone interested in a summer roadtrip? What could be more fun than wondering around a beautifully designed house on 47 acres of lush scenery?

Quick Fork 6: Booze in your tort

I just realized I hadn't linked to our latest episode of Fork You here on Blankbaby! Watch as Marisa makes a chocolate flourless tort (and I even get to eat a crumb!).

We also are in the midst of reworking the Fork You website, so check it out and let us know what you think.

Plus, if you have any questions you would like answered on Fork You (about food, the show, or the hosts) just send it to us via the 'Ask Fork You' feature on the blog.

7000th Comment Contest

That's right, dear readers, Blankbaby is closing in on 7000 comments. Can you believe it? This post is also my 3,188th post to Blankbaby. My how the times flies.

You know what a commenting milestone means! That's right, another Blankbaby contest! The 7000th commenter will win a fabulous (and unspecified) prize. The traditional rules apply:

  • I make all the rules, and I won't tell you what they are.

Does this mean I'm a socialite?

princey.jpgBoing Boing pointed out The List, which lists NYC socialites. I got to wondering if I had ever met/seen any of this really wealthy people in person. I assumed I might have been in the same room with some of them since my work history includes working at a few top business schools.

Sadly, it looks like I haven't been in the same room as any of them, but I have been close. Princess Michael of Kent is on the list, and I was totally standing next to her husband (HRH Prince Michael of Kent) one balmy night on the grounds of a palace in the suburbs of Moscow (and that is completely true). Here is a slightly larger version of the photo (I'll get around to uploading all of my Russia trip pictures to Flickr soon. Perhaps this weekend). Also featured in that picture are some of my former co-workers, but you can ignore them because they're poor.

The Prince has an impressive beard.

Calvert DeForest, a.k.a Larry 'Bud' Melman, is no more

caldeforest.jpgCalvert DeForest died today. You might remember him from David Letterman's show where he played the character Larry 'Bud' Melman. He always got a laugh from me, what with his odd delivery of pretty random stuff (my favorite kind of humor).

Death has been in my thoughts a lot as of late. Well, perhaps not a lot, but more than usual. A friend of mine recently died due to complications from surgery and I don't think he was much older than I am. Not to mention the sudden, and entirely unexpected, death of Star. It really makes you think about what you're doing with your life.

Death is also a great motivator, at least for me. It is the main reason I have managed to shed 75 pounds in recent months. Death is a constant thought in the back of my mind as I go about my day. I really don't want to be another person who dies because they didn't take care of themselves (though heart disease does run in my family. Hurrah!). I'm not afraid of dying, really, so much as not willing to miss out on everything that will happen after I'm gone. I don't believe in an afterlife, or reincarnation, or anything along those lines. This life is the only one I get, and I damn well better enjoy it.

Heavy stuff, huh? I promise I'm not depressed! I'm a pragmatist when it comes to my own death (cremation, I think, is what'll happen to my body since I doubt any of my organs are harvestable... but the doctors should check. If they can use it, they can have it!) but I am against it happening to other people.


I just realized it has been a little over a week since I posted my last weight. I just jumped on the scale, averting my gaze to avoid making eye contact with naked men in the locker room, and I am at 307.8.

That's one more pound down! Of course that number doesn't tell the story of my weekend, which involved many things I knew I shouldn't eat but I wanted to eat, and so I ate. Diet is key to this whole effort, but when I started this I knew I wouldn't be successful if I beat myself up every time I ate 4 gallons of ice cream in one sitting (I mean, who doesn't do that from time to time?). Therefore, I am not making food the enemy, I am merely avoiding food that has lots of calories, most of the time.

It is amazing to me, though, how much my eating habits have changed over the last several months. I'm not as hungry as I once was but I am taking part in lots more activities. I can't explain it, but I likes it!

5ish (4.8 to be exact) more pounds until I hit my first goal.

Words of wisdom from Jon Stewart

rickles.jpgTalking about the hordes of 'comedy groupies' on Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg Jon says:

They [i.e. women] always say, 'Sense of humor it's so important to me... that's why I'm in love with Don Rickles.' Yes, sense of humor is very important to you in theory.

So very true. Lots of folks seems to find me entertaining (whether or not I am actually funny I leave up to you. I don't really consider myself to be that funny, but I do enjoy it when people laugh and so it follows that I often attempt to make it happen. It is selfish, really) and yet the ladies are not pounding down my door.

That being said, I have it on good authority that Jon Stewart is hot. Perhaps I just need to get a show on Comedy Central.

Sunglasses quest

It took me 9 months to find the right pair of glasses (I got these, and I still love 'em a year later) and now I think I should get myself a pair of prescription sunglasses. That's right, dear readers, Scottycakes is looking for some style!

Now, I could go with a pair from l.a. eyeworks again. Maybe these:


But I'm not sure... they are quite similar to my regular glasses. I suppose I'll just need to go check out some frames in person and decide on the spot.

Sometimes it is tough being me!

Me as a Wii Mii

mewiimii.jpgOh how I long to play with a Wii (and oh how I love using the word Wii. Immature? Perhaps. Fun? Decidedly so, and isn't life all about having as much fun as you can before you die?).

Anywho, my good friend Frat Boy 'A' emailed me the image you see here. It is his interrpertation of me in the form of a Nintendo Wii Mii (which, for those of you not in the know, is a little graphical representation that you can make to stand in for yourself in the Wii universe or some such).

When I first saw it I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or insulted (which is something that often happens to me. I was just telling my friend the story of my glasses. When I went to get them I was looked at a number of different frames. The eye doctor said to me, with a completely straight face mind you, 'With a face like yours you need bold glasses.' Once again I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or insulted. I went with insulted in that instance, but I really like my glasses so it all worked out). So I posed the question to Frat Boy 'A.' He replied that I should be flattered, and so color me flattered.

It is a striking likeness, after all. Oh, and ladies, I am still single.

Times Select free for University folks


At the blogger meetup I made the bold statement that the only newspaper I read is the New York Times. That didn't sit too well with the dude from, but what can you do? I don't really care about the Eagles or Philly politics... so why should I read the Inquirer again (besides when I am in the paper)?

Anywho, after I made that statement I slandered the Times Select, which is the premium (read: you gots to pay to get to) content on the That's when Tamara said, “you dumb nerfherder (I'm paraphrasing), since you work at a University you can get the Times Select for free!”

Sure enough, you can! Just gohere and enter an email from an academic institution and you're all set, if is even smart enough to apply to your NY Time username.

The Twitterholic Top 100


I'm a fan of Twitter (add me as your Twitter friend, you know you want to). It is like an away message for your life. When I first came across Twitter I followed the usually Twitjectory:

  1. Thinking Twitter was dumb.
  2. Resisting the siren call of Twitter
  3. Signing up for Twitter
  4. Turning off SMS/IM notifications
  5. Becoming a Twitterholic
  6. Blog about Twitter

And it would seem that I am an official Twitterholic because I am currently #72 on the top 100 Twitter users (I am sure that will change sooner rather than later, but is nice to be virtually popular).

Twitterholic is from the team of fine blokes that brought Emurse unto the world, so check it whilst the checking out is good.