Does this mean I’m a socialite?

princey.jpgBoing Boing pointed out The List, which lists NYC socialites. I got to wondering if I had ever met/seen any of this really wealthy people in person. I assumed I might have been in the same room with some of them since my work history includes working at a few top business schools.

Sadly, it looks like I haven’t been in the same room as any of them, but I have been close. Princess Michael of Kent is on the list, and I was totally standing next to her husband (HRH Prince Michael of Kent) one balmy night on the grounds of a palace in the suburbs of Moscow (and that is completely true). Here is a slightly larger version of the photo (I’ll get around to uploading all of my Russia trip pictures to Flickr soon. Perhaps this weekend). Also featured in that picture are some of my former co-workers, but you can ignore them because they’re poor.

The Prince has an impressive beard.

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