Scott from 2002 is disappointed by 2007 Scott

Look at what the Past Me thought the Current Me would be doing:

I am thinking I might want to go full-time if I can swing it, because it usually takes 5 years or so to get done.. and I want to be Dr. Scott by 30. And since I am turning 25 in a matter of days, I have to get started!

Dude, when did I get sooo lame?

4 responses to “Scott from 2002 is disappointed by 2007 Scott”

  1. Looking at, I’m reminded of one thing that would certainly make 2002 Scotty very happy.
    Ultimately, being healthy is the most important goal of all.

  2. I read some of your blogs. On them they say to comment if you are reading. I was reading. Now I’m commenting. They were pretty funny. =)

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