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January 2007

Theocacao: Serious Kudos to TUAW

Since most of my writing about TUAW on here consists of bemoaning the negative aspects of being a blogger for a popular blog, I thought I would point out some of the good things too.

It is sometimes difficult to remember that members of the Mac community (and it is a community) actually appreciate what we're doing over at TUAW. When I read a post like this it really puts all the negative crap in prospective.

Thanks, Scott. You rock!

The gym is almost enjoyable

I’m back at the gym 5 times (a least) a week, and I am liking it.

You read that correctly, I am starting to enjoy going to the gym. Sure, it sucks when you’re there. And I still feel out of place amongst the young, fit, and good looking people one finds at the gym (though I tend to feel out of place in most places) but yet I almost look forward to going to the gym at the end of the day.

What up with that?

I am also up to 25 minutes on the elliptical, mostly because Roz forced me to do it. Today I burned 380 calories, or so, and went 2.3 miles on the elliptical. It is hard to believe that a few months ago I could barely do 8 minutes on that infernal device.

There you have it, I may turn into a gym rat yet!

I'm popular on Twitter

TwitterpopClearly, I am in love with Twitter, though I'm not sure why. Alls I know is that I have 35 friends and 60 followers (many people are interested in when and where I eat sandwiches, or if I am presently pondering socks). The question, of course, is why do I find Twitter so much fun?

The other question is, why aren't you using Twitter? Add me as a friend.

Quick Fork 4: You don't knead it, you want it

I completely forgot to blog about our 4th Quick Fork. This marks the 8 episode of Fork You all told, and we are just getting started folks.

I embedded the episode above in case you want to watch it here, but if you head over to Fork You you can download the QuickTime version (if that floats your boat).

I blog, therefore I am.

BlogitoLookie here, another geeky shirt that is fit for the gym. My favorite part? It lists the number of comments as '0,' something every blogger is all too familiar with.

I have been wearing very geeky t-shirts to the gym for months now, and no one seems to care. I suppose few people notice me in the gym though that's hard to believe. I'm pretty big, older than most people in the gym, and often covered in a fine sheen of sweat (hey, I'm there to work out, and I work out).

I'm also getting this shirt.

People on the Internet are mean

So it would seem Cali Lewis and the folks at GeekBrief.TV are dealing with the not so nice side of popularity on the net.

I feel their pain. Sure, the community here on Blankbaby rocks (I have fond and warm feelings towards each and everyone of you out there. I was going to say I love you all, but I'm Irish Catholic and that would be too much emotion for me to publicly share at this point), but the commenters over at TUAW can be a bit rough. Just today I got this gem on one of my videos from Macworld:

dude lose some weight. you will feel so much better. all the hard work is worth it...

Ah, being moderately internet famous has its price.. but is it worth it?