Sarcasmo no more

sarcasmo.jpgI am often at a loss for words, mostly because I am socially backwards, however, the news that Star Foster (you may know her as Sarcasmo) has died is shocking. Shocking.

Blogging has brought my good things into my life, and Star was one of them.. I count her amongst my friends, and possibly one of the few people I had ever met who was geekier than I am.

It pains me to write about her in the past tense.

I don’t really have any words of wisdom to share with you all about this. It just sucks.

Star, I have been and always shall be your friend.

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    The site was shut yesterday in memory of one of Shiny Shiny’s longest serving and most dedicated bloggers. Star C Foster died suddenly over the weekend, leaving us shocked and very saddened. She’s left a huge hole in Shiny Shiny, and also in the blogo…

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