I see London

I was just standing in my room, sans a belt, in a pair of jeans I bought a few months ago. They fell off completely. These pants are the smallest I have worn in years, and now they are too big.

That’s pretty cool.

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  1. That’s a terriic feling isn’t it? I’ve gone down 11 inches on my waist, and nothing fits anymore. I brought some new clothes at 6 inches lost and now I need new clothes again, I’ve decided to just go baggy until the spring and that way I won’t have to buy new clothes twice more.
    Great work and keep it up Scott!!

  2. J.Cruz,
    London in this instance, is a reference to the old ryhme; “I see London, I see France… I see Scott’s (or whomever) underpants.”
    The reference was made, I can only assume, because this post is about Scott’s pants falling down from being too small, and because I believe then we could have all seen his underpants.

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