Five Questions

Color me flattered! Colin, he of The Diet fame, has composed a list of 5 questions that he posed to a few successful dieters. Little old me (and getting smaller everyday) is one of the successful people on his list. Way cool!

You can read Colin’s answers, and the answers from:

  • James (I’ve always liked his blog’s design)
  • Chris

Here are my humble answers:

What are the top five reasons you started to diet in the first place?

I’ve been a fat guy for a long, long time. Nothing too shocking about that, but in the last few years even I thought I was getting a little too fat. I lacked motivation to do anything about it, and then I got an ear infection.

The ear infection started in my right ear, and somehow managed to get into my left ear. I had dueling ear infections. I was going to ride out the one ear infection, but I couldn’t stand the pain of both so to the doctor I went. The doctor looked in my ear, gave me a prescription and scheduled me for a followup appointment.

I figured the followup would be to check on ye olde ears, but it was all a ruse. A damn, dirty ruse! She did peep at my ears, but then said, ‘So, you’re weight isn’t where we would like it to be. And we looked at your bloodwork and you’re almost diabetic and your blood-pressure is high. We have to do something about this now.’

This didn’t come to me as a shock. I can even remember then I knew that I wasn’t the Scott that I wanted to be. I was at my mom’s house for Christmas, and I just recently cut my hair and shaved off my beard. I took this picture and let’s just say I wasn’t very happy with the way I looked. I wasn’t that fat was I?

Yes, yes I was.

The doctor’s words finally motivated me to do something, and so I would have to say my top five reasons are:

  1. To no die
  2. To be healthy
  3. Did I mention the whole death thing?
  4. I felt it was now or never
  5. To look more like I do in my mind’s eye

That last one is the real clincher. I have a healthy self image, one that doesn’t really align with reality. More and more often over the last few years I would look in the mirror and think, ‘Oh, yeah, that’s what I look like.’ And not in a good way.

What was your biggest failure on the diet, and how did you overcome it?

Hmm, I don’t think I have had any major setbacks as such. I mean, going to the gym sucks. Not being able to shovel whatever I want into my big, fat face sucks but overall it is working.

I have been snacking at night a little more than I should, so that is probably the biggest failure to date, but I haven’t overcome it yet. I’ll let you know when I do.

Did blogging help or hinder your success?

I started this blog the on August 17th, and I haven’t looked back. If I weren’t blogging this, I wouldn’t be doing it. I can’t stress that enough. Even though Scott Gets Fit has turned into a list of my weigh ins it has helped motivate me (and it is fun to track how I have lost about 50 pounds in real time).

Plus the blog got me to publicly say that I weighed 383 pounds, and that was important to me. I needed to ‘own’ the problem. I was scared for a long time that if people knew how much I weighed they would stop liking me (I actually just wrote ‘stop licking me’ by mistake. Sadly, no one has been licking me in awhile). It makes no sense, since my friends are awesome, but it was just something I had to come to gripes with. Blogging helped me do it.

Plus, if I fail all my friends will know and I’d be embarrassed.

What things did you do to help ensure your success?

Colin says :

Simple. I do what I find fun and don’t do the stuff I hate.

That is the exact opposite of what I have done. I hate going to the gym, but I do it at least 3 times a week (I try for 4 but I’m only human). If I weren’t exercising I would still be losing weight thanks to my diet, but it would take much longer.

The key to my success is routine. I do the same thing at the gym every time I go, and I try to go at the same times every week. Without that routine I would be skipping the gym left and right, and that wouldn’t be very helpful at all.

What is one recommendation you’d have for someone on Day 1 of their diet?

This is a cliche, but only because it is true: losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. What does that mean? It means that you won’t always stick to your diet, and you won’t always be working out. You’ll gain back some weight you lost, but that’s ok! You can work it off again. This is a long term thing you’re entering into, not a get skinny fast plan. Hard work will pay off, but it won’t be quick and it won’t be easy. It will be very satisfying though.

4 responses to “Five Questions”

  1. Thanks so much for answering these questions.
    I’m with you on the hating the gym part. I do not like lifting weights – in fact I hate it – however, I’ve tricked myself! I keep telling myself that if I lift weights, and get rid of this geek body that has absolutely zero strength, I will become better at basketball, frisbee, and other things that I enjoy. So my motivation still stems from things I enjoy.
    Great write up, great answers.

  2. I’m not surprised at the motivational aspect of blogging the whole experience, especially what you said about making it public:
    “if I fail all my friends will know and I’d be embarrassed.”
    I purposefully did that same thing to myself, only it was to motivate me to move away. At my 10 year high school reunion, I decided to tell anyone that would listen that my next step would be to move to Philly. If I didn’t go, I’d feel totally lame about it, possibly avoiding reunions for years to come. If I did, then I’d have a good follow-up story for next time.
    So with a little help from my friends (thanks Scottycakes!), it came true! Nothing quite like a little bit of old fashioned shame to motivate. 😉
    So, keep at it, we’re all rooting for you! And if I ever stop liking you, it’ll be for far more valid reasons than your weight. 😉

  3. First off Scott, thanks for the compliment I appreciate it.
    Secondly, great answers, and good work on the Diet so far!! I’m very proud to see others making this thing work for them.
    I’ve been very touched by the blogging community surrounding this whole thing, and inspired by everyones accomplishments!
    Now I have a new source of inspiration… You!!
    Keep up the good fight, take it slow, do it right!

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