Center City Philadelphia Macintosh Users Group

ccmuglogoTanner just emailed me to tell me about tomorrow’s Center City Macintosh Users Group meeting. I didn’t even know that Center City had a MUG. All the MUGs I have seen meet out in the burbs, which just don’t cut it for me (since I don’t drive that means the Regional Rail, and that’s just not going to happen during rush hour. Unless I’m going to play D&D. A man has to have his priorities).

Here are the details for tomorrow’s meeting, including very detailed directions on how to get to the meeting room. I will most likely be in attendance, since Mac people are my people.

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  1. See now I didn’t know there were ones in the burbs. I live NW of the city! Sweet!
    PS: Awesome on the D&D. Glad I’m not the only RPer in town. 🙂

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