5 Tech related things about me you may not know (or care about)

Five more things you don’t know about me

Ok, so Kevin C. Tofel of JKontheRun tagged me to do the 5 things meme, but I’ve already done it.  However, since Kevin is a tech geek I thought it might be fun to do a tech flavored version of the 5 things, so here it is 5 Things You Don’t Know about my Technology Preferences:

  1. I love many Microsoft products: Outlook 2007, OneNote, and Windows Mobile to name a few (though I had to get used to Windows Mobile).
  2. Now that Intel Macs are out I can’t stand using PowerPC Macs (they were slow, and we knew it!).
  3. Gmail owns my soul, and I’m ok with that.
  4. I don’t think everyone can, or should, blog.
  5. As much as I love technology I would give it all up for a really good book.


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