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November 2006

I'm a geek and I need a new scarf


We all know I'm a geek (I think people can determine that within 5 minutes of meeting me. I avoid eye contact, I mutter to myself, and I greet people by saying, 'Who would win in a fight, Capt. Janeway or Jar Jar Binks?' [My money is on Janeway. She's more of a man than Jar Jar would ever be]). We also know that winter is upon us and giving Philadelphia's geographic location appropriate winter gear includes a scarf.

These two seemingly disparate bits of information can only lead to one thing: The Space Invaders scarf (b2d4 also has other 8 bit inspired scarves, but the one pictured is my favorite, and it would be the one I would buy).

The only niggling detail is that, well I'm a geek. 'But Scott,' I hear you say, 'we already know this. I mean you're fricking blogging about a $50 scarf that features images from an old video game.' I know you know I'm a geek, but there are many different kinds of geeks.

IT shops (that's Information Technology shops, for those of you not in the know) tend to be stocked with fairly typical characters. There is always the one IT guy who seemingly is over compensating for his geekiness by dressing very well. This guy knows what looks good and has a good fashion sense, plus he can help you setup your computer.

I'm not that kind of geek.

Sure, I can help you set up your computer but fashion isn't my strong suit. I am slightly color blind (red/green) and I can never really tell when things match. This is why my wardrobe consists mostly of items with similar coloring (that way I can mix and match without thinking about it too much).

What does this have to do with a geeky scarf?

Well, you see, not only I am a fashion impaired geek, but I am a single geek who hopes to, at some point, pitch some woo at a member of the fairer sex (by the way, I love the phrase 'pitch woo.' Oh, did I mention I'm a literate geek?). Therefore, I must throw myself at the mercy of the ladies that are FoBs (that's Friends of Blankbaby). Tell, oh ladies, is this scarf a modern day chastity belt?


I lost another pound! This isn't too exciting, however, if you factor in that I was shoving tons of food into my face around Thanksgiving it is very good. I honestly was expecting to have gained a few pounds (3 canolis will do that to you).

I drink the blood of dolls. It makes me stronger.

creepy girlI was just looking around F.A.O. Schwarz's doll section (don't ask) and what did I see but this picture of this little girl. I imagine that she gets her power from the lifeless stares of her doll army. 'Bring me the hearts of my enemies,' I imagine her whispering into her doll's plastic ears.

Some might say that I have too much time on my hands. Some might say that, indeed.

Fork You! is hot

forkyouhot.jpgFork You!, the new cooking podcast that I am doing with Marisa, is generously hosted by They are a company that makes it really easy to upload video to the web and then put it on your blog. They host the video, they convert it to Flash, and they even create an RSS feed for your content.

That's not all, they also promote videos that they think are worth promoting (funny how that works). Can you see where I'm going with this? That's right, the second episode of Fork You!, and our first Quick Fork, is listed today as a 'hot video.'

Pretty darned sweet.

Oh, and the first episode has been watched about 300 times.