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It is no secret that my father is dead. It is also no secret that my blog is the ‘paper of record’ for my life. I just found my father’s obituarity hanging out in my documents folder, and I thought I would post it so I would know where it is.

I hadn’t spoke to my father after he and my mother got divorced. I only found out he had died because an insurance company sent a letter to my mom to her old Yonkers address (where I was living). I called her up, opened the letter and found out that dear old dad was dead. I then did a search for his obit with my mad internet skillz, at my mom’s request, and found this:

Cornelius V. McNulty, 56, of Poughkeepsie, died at home on Friday, Aug. 23, 2002. Mr. McNulty was a counselor for the Friars of Atonement, managing a residence in Poughkeepsie. Born in New York City on Nov. 10, 1945, he was the son of Gerard and Catherine McManus McNulty. He is survived by a sister, Catherine Paoli of Woodbury, Conn.; several nieces and nephews, and a dear friend, Louise Fitzpatrick of Poughkeepsie. Calling hours are Sunday, Aug. 25, from 2-6 p.m. at the William G. Miller – Son Funeral Home, Inc., 371 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Monday, Aug. 26, at 10 a.m. at St Marys Church, 231 Church St., Poughkeepsie. Burial will be in the family plot in Poughkeepsie. Memorial donations may be made to St. Christophers Inn, Attn: Jan, Box 150, Graymoor, Garrison, NY 10524. If you need directions or wish to sign our guestbook, visit our website at

Published: 8/25/02

I hadn’t seen or spoken to my father in about 11 years (or so) when I found out about this, so I wasn’t that upset about it. I did think it odd that neither my brother or I was mentioned in the obit, but what can you do.

Anywho, I posted this so I wouldn’t miss place it (and it would get backed up with my blog). If you forget where you came from you’ll never know where you’re going (or something).

Oh yeah, dear dad had a touch o’ the alcoholism, which is why I am not much of a drinker. Hurrah!

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  1. Who knew that my life was so sad, huh?
    No, no. No need to be sad, folks. This is water under the bridge, I really did post it just so I would know where it was if I needed it (though as I told my mom I’m not sure why I would need it).
    Good thing I tried on hats and returned this blog it the normally scheduled wackiness.

  2. Heh. It’s not really your life that’s sad; it’s your late father’s. But I can see how you might have misinterpreted my comment…

  3. This freaked me out a bit since my dad’s services were at the same place as your dad’s (much different circumstances of course as I was mentioned in his obit, but listed after my other siblings and his cats—entirely my own fault since I edited that part of it.)

  4. Karin, I have no idea who sent in the info. Thad might be right, Dad’s special friend might have taken care of the whole thing.
    Thad, thanks for clearing that up!
    Wendy, that is very odd. I didn’t mean to creep anyone out, honest!

  5. You have an aunt in Woodbury, CT? Do you keep in touch with / visit her? If so, you should stop to see us.

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