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Cast of characters

I'm thinking of adding a new category to Blankbaby: 'Cast of Characters.'


Well, I tend to mention the same people over and over again, but lots of them don't have blogs (yet) so I don't have a place to link their names to. If I create entries for everyone I mention, I can then link to that entry (and that entry will have a link to their blog, if they have one).

Am I the only one stunned by my brilliance?

Could Adobe Livedoc suck anymore?

I think not. I just went to an article whose title was 'Installing the Verity search server separately.' Do you know what that article told me? If you're thinking it told me how to install Verity search server separately, you would be mistaken.

Here is the entire text:

By default, the installer installs the Verity search server on the same computer as ColdFusion MX 7. To enable searches using Verity, if you want to install the Verity search server on a different computer from the one where you install ColdFusion MX 7, you must install the Verity search server separately. For more information, see Installing the Verity search server separately.

Where 'Installing the Verity search server separately' was a link to a different article with the title 'Installing the Verity search server separately.'

LiveDocs makes my brain hurt. :(

And Verity makes the Baby Jesus cry.

Here I sit, waiting for a package

I took off today to wait for this mystery package from the BBC. UPS told me that they would be back between 2pm - 5pm. Yes, I didn't have to take the whole day off, but I'm probably not taking a vacation any time soon so I thought I would use one of my vacation days. It has been very relaxing, I must say.

I assume you read this blog because I am both fascinating and sexy. Therefore, I will give you a glimpse into how my mind works. Friday, I read the UPS 'we missed you' slip and thought, 'Well, I'll need to be here on Monday to get this.' And that's what I'm doing right now, however, at about 3:30 I began to worry. What if I had misread the slip? What if the package is for someone else and I'm waiting for something that will never come?!

I checked and rechecked the slip and I am certain whatever this package is, it is for me. However, that doesn't explain why it is 4:47pm and I still haven't been visited by the UPS man.

What's up with that?

More t-shirts for Scott

Since I'm not as fat as I once was (Go me! And yes, I'm still fat but I'm working on it), I can wear more t-shirts than I once could before. I'm still not really that much of a t-shirt guy, but I do need stuff to wear to the gym (a place that I will probably go to today, even though I took the day off from work and my gym is less than a 5 minutes walk from my office). Here are a few that I am thinking about getting:



Wot's all this then:


Seventies Sci-fi was all about hexagons (which is funny because it is true):


Mystery package from the BBC

Friday evening I came home to discover a brown and yellow note stuck to my front door. It was from UPS, telling me that I had missed a package.

Huh, I thought, I never get anything deliver to my house because I'm not usually there to sign for it.


I took a look at the slip and it seems that the BBC is sending me something. I don't recall ordering anything from the BBC, so I have no idea what this could be.

All will be revealed tomorrow, I suppose.


Things have been quite around these parts, a little too quiet, methinks. The last few weeks have not been kind to the diet, nor have I been able to make it to the gym much (and you all know how much I love the gym).

Today, I was able to break the cycle of not working out and get my ever diminishing ass to the gym. I weighed in at 354.2. Not too shabby considering that this week I ate the following things (not all at once, mind you):

  • pancakes
  • a sandwich from Wawa (though I got a small one)
  • Kandy Kakes (I am weak)
  • sugar free chocolate chip cookies (surprisingly good)
As you can see, I have sojourned off of South Beach and moved, temporarily, into Carb City. However, I'm am now back on track (honest!).

28.8 pounds lost in almost 3 months. Not too shabby, huh?

A peek behind the Blankbaby curtain

Scott and Justin posted some stats from Google Analytics on their blogs (which get more traffice than little old Blankbaby) and I thought it would be fun to do here.

Top Five Keywords

  1. blankbaby
  2. so long and thanks for all the fish lyrics
  3. so+long+and+thanks+for+all+the+fish+lyrics
  4. jennifer anniston
  5. chronic of narnia

Top Browsers

  1. IE

  2. Firefox

  3. Safari

  4. Netscape

  5. Opera

Operating Systems

  1. Windows 84.83%
  2. Mac 13.98%

There you have it. Wasn't that fun?!

Isaac Asimov

Caves of Steel (Robot City (Paperback)) by Isaac AsimovI went to a sort of geeky high-school (shocking, I know). Everyone there was pretty smart (I often wonder how I slipped in) and there was the full range of geekdom on display (even the athletes were geeks when you get right down to it, though there were cliques as there always are. I was, even amongst the other geeks, considered pretty damn geeky). The school had a library, which contained a fairly good SciFi section. Since I had a 45 minute commute each way, I needed reading material and so I started to read the entire
collection of SciFi/fantasy books which were available.

Early on in my readings I came across Isaac Asimov (not too odd since
his last name begins with 'A' and I am nothing if not methodical). His books really sparked my imagination. I started with “Caves of Steel”, which isn't his best work; I was hooked.

If someone were to ask me where they should start with Asimov I would recommend the Foundation Series, with a few caveats. His characters tend to be... one dimensional, his writing style is no frills, and his female characters (when one shows up) are particularly one dimensional.

You might wonder why the heck I read so many (and I mean many. The man wrote over 500 books) of his books if I wasn't that impressed with his writing style. Well, you see, he may not have been Shakespeare but his ideas were always intriguing, and his books are good fun.

Anyway, the point of this entry is to share this quote with you:

Humanity has the stars in its future, and that future is too important to be lost under the burden of juvenile folly and ignorant superstition.

300, the graphic novel

A few days ago I was raving about the trailer for 300, so yesterday Barry said to me, Would you like to borrow the “300”?' And I was all like, 'Totally! OMG!11!!'

Today I got to work (a little later for normal people, but a little early for me) and what did I find waiting on my desk? That's right, 300! I looked at the first few pages and then put it in my bag. I was at the office to work, not lollygag about like a wastrel!

The work day soon drew to a close and I hastened to Blankbaby Manor in order to feast my eyes upon Mr. Miller's work. It was a quick read, but very good. It would seem that the movie follows the graphic novel closely (at least the parts that I saw in the trailer were pretty much exactly what was in the book). March 9th, 2007 can't come soon enough!