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How to date a geek guy

“I'mI haven't written about my love life in awhile, mostly because I have yet to acquire one. I have been told, though, that people enjoy reading about how I am lonely and destined to die alone and so for you, dear reader, I write about my lamentable loveless live.

Actually, I'm just going to point to How to date a geek guy?, and quote a passage from point #2:

Subtlety and coyness completely fails with geeks; they'll be confused and expect that you're not on Pon Farr or are a nun or something. Where other guys need no provocation, a geek guy has to be brained on the noggin a couple of times, then he'll get the idea.

That is so true it is scary. I do believe I have mentioned before that I don't really pick up on 'signs.' Now, I know some people probably think that I am just saying that and obviously I should be able to tell when someone is interested in me, but not so much. When I was in college, and I had a love life, there are a woman by the name of Fran. Fran was nice enough, but I never thought that she was interested in me and besides I was in a relationship so even if she was it didn't matter. Elisa told me, after the first time that she met Fran, that Fran had a crush on me. Piffle, thought I, she is just a friend. Then a few other people told me the same thing and it dawned on me that they were probably right.

I tell you this story to illumniate the fact that I haven't become any more savvy in regards to women then when I was in college. The only way I can tell that someone is interested in me is either:

  1. They tell me.
  2. Numerous people, indepently, are like, 'Dude she is totally into you.'

Ah, the elaborate dance of life.