Oh, training

30 pounds less of me to love

30 pounds in 3 months isn't too shabby at all. I honestly didn't think I would lose any weight since I do like to eat (shocking, I know). However, I enjoy life more than food (it was a close race but life edged out cheese in the final moments) so moderation is the order of the day.

Lots of people have told me that I am looking slimmer, which is a very nice thing to say. I haven't really noticed it myself, but people tell me that makes sense since I see myself all the time. It would seem to me that since I see myself all the time I would be the first person to notice a change, but once again my logic fails me.

I'll tell you how I know this weight lose isn't al in my head: pants. The last few weeks have been a fight between my pants and gravity. Gravity was winning, and it was just a matter of time before I mooned someone important. Therefore, I went to Casual Male whilst I was visiting Glenn to purchase some new pants.

Now, the nice thing about Casual Male, when you are a fat man (besides the fact that they carry clothes that fit you) is that no matter what there will always be someone fatter than you in there. I was minding my own business looking at the XXXL shirts (formerly XXXXL) when I heard some very heavy breathing. I looked up and I saw a dude ask the cashier, 'You don't carry 6XL anymore?' Then more heavy breathing.

Folks, there is a very small segment of the population that I could beat in a foot race, but this guy was one of them. It would seem that 6XL is the most popular size in the store (who knew?).

Anyway, after I was done eavesdropping I took off my pants and tried some others on. Guess what? That's right, my new pants are one size smaller than my old pants (and my belt is a size smaller too).

Wow, that was a long post about needing smaller pants.

Isn't that dude doing the most intense model look ever?