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Go to space on the cheap

That's a buttload of Frequent-flyer miles:

Watts has racked up 2 million flyer miles and plans to travel on the world's first commercial tourism flights to space, Virgin Atlantic Airways spokeswoman Katie Francis said.

He will be among the first 1,000 people to travel on a space tourism program in 2009 with Virgin Galactic, an offshoot of British entrepreneur Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic. Flights cost $200,000 (about 100,000 pounds, euro155,000).

Microsoft Windows Vista Logic-based Hidden Item Seeking Game 2006 with Skins!

Minesweeper Minesweeper; you know it, you love it, you probably played it today. This is how it is going to look in Vista (that's the next generation of Windows)... in some countries that is. It would seem that people have been bothering Microsoft for years to change Minesweeper because they feel that looking for land mines is a bad idea, considering that people in certain countries die everyday as a result of these things they probably aren't far off base (doesn't scream fun, now does it?).

Since MS was going to redesign the games for Vista anyway, they thought that Minesweeper deserved some attention. Read all about the very complicated process at the Shell Blog, which is fast becoming my favorite Microsoft blog out there. It is a wonder that Microsoft ships any software, on time or not.

Subway science!

Subway Sleuth Clears Dinosaur of Cannibalism - New York Times:

A graduate student in paleontology was standing on the downtown subway platform at the American Museum of Natural History stop. He idly inspected the bronze cast on the wall of one of the museum’s dinosaurs.

The student, Sterling J. Nesbitt, was surprised to see what looked like crocodile bones that had presumably been the dinosaur’s last feast. This set in motion a re-examination of two specimens on display in the museum’s Hall of Dinosaurs, and wiped clean a dinosaur’s reputation that had been besmirched by suspicions of cannibalism.

You never know when you'll get some good paleontology in.

Museum Day


This Saturday is Museum Day. What the hell is Museum Day, you ask?

First, let's try and keep this clean. Blankbaby is a family blog, God damn it!

Ok, now that that is all cleared up, back to Museum Day. The Smithsonian explains it thusly:

On September 30, 2006, for one day only, museums across the country will join the Smithsonian Institution in its long-standing tradition of offering free admission to visitors.

Pretty cool, huh? Of course part of me thinks that you should just pay the entrance fee at these museums since they tend to be underfunded. Eh, go for free and get yourself some culture, you heathen.

The following museums in Philly are participating:

To find a participating museum in your area click here.

Now, you just can't walk into the museum, you need to print out one of these cards (good for two, so take your best gal or guy with you). They look like this:


[via Make]

A pound of dice?!

lots of dice

My last post had me looking for an image of a die to accompnay it, and I found one on Chessex's website.

Most gamers will recognize that name, as they made lots and lots of the dice that are rolled on tables in basements everywhere (though I haven't played a roleplaying game in a basement in years. That sounds much dirtier than it actually is). The d20 that was featured in that post is from Chessex' Scarab Royal Blue with gold line, which I find quite attractive. However, my strange attraction to small brightly colored plactic bits isn't the issue here. Whilst I was browsing Chessex's website I came across the Pound O Dice. $27.95 gets you, you guessed it, a pound of dice of all kinds. That is all sorts of awesome, in a very geeky way.

Color code your dice?

Chessex Scarab Royal Blue D20Treasure Table recommends that you color code your dice. What the hell does that mean? Why, just make sure that in your dice bag all your 6 sideds are one color, d4 are another color and so on.

While this seems a bit over the top, I think it is a pretty good idea. However, one of the joys of having lots of dice is the rainbow of possibilities.

Oh, and I never have a bag in which I put my dice anyway. They end up throw willy nilly in my computer bag whenever I'm off to game. That means that every 6 months I need to get more dice do to attrition.

The story so far

Bgsstory-3Ahh, Battlestar Galactica is almost back on TV with fresh new shows. I can't wait! I hear tell that some folks are having BSG parties for the season premiere. That might be fun to do at Blankbaby Manor. Sadly, I will be traveling to the wilds of PA for a wedding on the 6th so I won't be having a party (the wedding isn't sad though).

Anyway, just in case you haven't been keeping up with BSG you can get all caught up, and for free to boot! The Story So Far (iTunes Store link) recaps the first and second season. Sweet.

A ring for milady

D20ringIf I every feel moved to propose to that special lady friend of mine (who is hypothetical at the moment), this is the ring I'll use. And I'll say, 'You criticalled my heart!'

Of course, it is tendencies like this that make the likelihood of me tricking a woman into being my special lady slim to none.

Blankbaby Poll: Which picture should I use as my headshot?

Gird your loins, this post contains multiple pictures of me.

I'm a minor Mac celebrity, since I am the Lead Blogger at TUAW (emphasis on minor), and so I was asked to be a blogging judge over at My Dream App (along with John Siracusa, John Gruber, Merlin Mann, and Jason Kottke). I accepted because I am, at my very core, an insecure geek who craves attention. Instead of actually doing anything that I agreed to for My Dream App, I am obsessing over what picture I should provide them as a headshot.

This is why I turn to you, my loyal Blankbaby readers. Below you will see 5 pictures of yours truly (a gift from me to you), each labeled 1 through 5. Leave a comment picking which one you think I should submit to the fine folks at My Dream App. I won't guarantee that I'll go with the majority, but I would appreciate the feedback.

Me, in a shirt that now fits.

Darth Scott (I included this one as a joke. I'm sooo funny).

Dapper Scott. All the ladies swoon.

Hey! I just got new glasses!

I'm totally blogging this.

Have at it! Oh, and I need to send it along tomorrow afternoon so vote early (but not often).

Now that's an odd question

I was walking back to the office after meeting Scott for happy hour, and a woman stopped me. When you're as good looking as I am you get used to women stopping you, so I didn't think it odd. She said, 'Excuse me, have you seen a statue of a Dr. Pepper on campus?'

I blinked, and responded, 'I have not.'

She said, 'It is around here somewhere!' and walked off.

Things on Scott's desktop: Episode One

FoundpopeSometimes, whilst I am 'surfing the web,' I see something that I think is funny. 'I should blog that,' says I to myself. So I drag the picture to my desktop and then promptly forget about it. Days later, as I am deleting all the dross that piles up on my desktop (my computers are usually a little more organized than my meat space, but not by much. And how much of a geek am I by using the phrase 'meat space'?) I notice some random file name. 'I wonder what this is,' I think as I double click on it. Then I am greeted with a picture of the Pope raising the roof.

Just thought I would share.